Breaking Bad Season 1 DVD £4.97 @Amazon

Breaking Bad Season 1 DVD £4.97 @Amazon

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No one would confuse the desperate dad Bryan Cranston plays in this character-driven drama with the fun-loving Hal from Malcolm in the Middle. In Breaking Bad, Walter White lives in the suburbs with his wife--and wears tighty-whiteys--but the similarities end there. During the pilot, the cash-strapped chemistry teacher finds out he has inoperable lung cancer. He and Skyler (Deadwood's Anna Gunn) have one son, Walter Jr. (R.J. Mitte), and a daughter on the way. With two years to get his affairs in order, Walter comes up with a wild plan: he and former student Jesse (Aaron Paul), a drug dealer, will open a meth lab.

In the hands of creator Vince Gilligan (The X-Files), Bad's first season plays like the improbable offspring of Weeds and The Shield. With nothing left to lose, the Albuquerque 50-year-old uses his death sentence as a catalyst to break every rule he's ever followed while keeping his family--including Skyler's radiologist sister, Marie (Betsy Brandt), and her DEA agent husband, Hank (Dean Norris)--out of the loop. Throughout these seven episodes, Walt takes on a hostage, a dead body, and a partner who likes to sample his own product. Based on the description alone, it shouldn't work as well as it does, except Gilligan and company keep the situations psychologically believable and Emmy winner Cranston makes Walt surprisingly sympathetic as he swings between compassion and self-interest. As he tells his students, "Chemistry is the study of change", a statement that applies equally well to the show, since Walt ends up in a very different place than where he began. --Kathleen C. Fennessy
Special Features
Making of Breaking Bad
Deleted/Extended Scenes
Cast and Crew Commentaries
Inside Breaking Bad
Vince Gilligan's Photo Gallery
AMC Shootout - Interview with Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston


If you've never seen this, I highly recommend it, especially at this price. Dark humour, but very good drama at the heart of it. Season one is excellent, season two is even better.

Good summation. Just watch episode 1, you'll be hooked I guarantee!

Fantastic value - gerrit, no arguments.

Absolutely fantastic show. Each season gets better, for me. I believe this season was cut short due to the writers strike though; only 7 episodes instead of 13.

for £5 you've got no reason not to try it.

in my top 3 shows with Dexter and The Wire.

Best. Show. Ever.

Fantastic show, the main actor is a brilliant actor IMO.. we watched series one two and three back to back and can't wait for season 4. We're a bit addicted to American shows at the moment (love Dexter, True Blood, Six feet under).

This really is the finest tv show ever made. Better than the wire, the shield, true blood, boardwalk empire, generation kill. It just has a great atmosphere and beautiful cinematography. I bet it looks amazing in HD. But you will need to get all 3 seasons. Such a cliffhanger in s3, s4 is gonna be amazing.

Brilliant TV series. Ridiculously hot

Thanks just ordered

Best show since The Shield?


HOT! this show is one of my all time favourites. brilliant script and cast. shame 2nd series isnt the same price as i have series 1 but not series 2!

Bargain. Best show on TV.

love it, just watching season 3 now.
Always think the dvd cover looks like the movie Elf from a distance...should have gone to spec savers?

This is a great show, and a great price!



Up there with The Wire and The Sopranos in the quality of the script and acting. Superb and an absolute must see.
S4 kicks off in July in the US. Cant wait.

Bargain. Hot from me. Buy it


Bargain. Hot from me. Buy it

Awesome avatar!


Awesome avatar!

Why thank you.
I've been singing the praises of this show since it started. Being shown tucked away on the Five USA channel, a lot of folk are missing out on this superb piece of TV.

Amazing series, if you like dark humour and good acting you won't be disappointed!

Always fancied trying this, and at this price there's no reason not to! have some heat!


Good price, next cheapest is £7.98

great series, loved it! One of the best things I've watched in years

Hot. Cheers OP - gone for it.

As everyone else says - fabulous series.

scorching hot!


Great show but it does turn into a bit of a soap by series 3. Series 1 is top notch and it's just a shame it was cut short by the writers' strike.

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thanks mate

Absolutely awesome series. Well work £5. Hot.

the only season worth watching.

still in stock. i'll take one.
loved S1 so buying on principle.
possibly jumped the shark a little in S3?

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I thought Season 3 was great! Roll on season 4 .:D

Very good, buy it!

Fabbo, I was looking at getting this before when I chanced upon it purely by accident. Your deal means I don't feel like I'm taking a risk buying something i may not like - though the reviews look excellent. Good price and have added heat.

Brilliant series, up there with the likes of Dexter.


Why thank you. I've been singing the praises of this show since it … Why thank you. I've been singing the praises of this show since it started. Being shown tucked away on the Five USA channel, a lot of folk are missing out on this superb piece of TV.

Season 1 is currently showing on FX.

Absolutely brilliant show. HOT !!!!

Just backing up the masses here.

This is one of the best shows I've ever seen. So much depth in the characters. Can't wait for season 4.


Cheers. I've been meaning to give this a go for a while. At this price it saves me the bother of downloading it.

Excellent spot. I made a purchase. H&R.
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