Brecon Five Vodka £21 @ Asda

Brecon Five Vodka £21 @ Asda

Found 14th Dec 2014
Spotted this in asda today usually around £25/30 bottle.

Brecon Five Vodka is a lovely Welsh vodka from the folks that make Penderyn whisky. This is five-times distilled and charcoal filtired, made with pure glacier water and just a hint of barley spirit for added fruitiness.

Lovely voddy I love christmas booze shopping been all round cardiff today
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Actual description from the manufacturer:
"Brecon Five Vodka
Distilled five times to be as pure as can be, our premium Brecon Vodka range doesn't need to be charcoal-filtered
Made with pure clean water from its own glacier-bred, rock filtered source in the wild Brecon Beacons Mountain Range, Five gains a smooth fruit twist when we add a hint of barley spirit from the unique Penderyn still."

Note: NOT charcoal filtered, and there are no glaciers in Wales.

Never tried it but their whisky is awful.
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