Brecon Special Reserve Gin (70cl) - £10 on Amazon with code

Brecon Special Reserve Gin (70cl) - £10 on Amazon with code

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Not sure if it's account specific; however Amazon have a £5 off selected gins code (GINSPECIAL). One of the gins on the offer is the Brecon Special Reserve, which is already down to £15, so knocking an extra £5 off means you get what appears to be a fairly decent gin for £10
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works fine, 1 use only

- HoT -
Worked for me - thanks!!! I got a bottle of this delivered yesterday and gave it to my Dad for his birthday- this one will save for Christmas.
Hot, hot hot! Well spotted OP - just let me take advantage. Only works once though in case you were wondering if you could add more bottles and get £5 off those too.
Have tried their Botanicals version and is one of my favourites. This is a smoking hot deal.
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I don't like gin.
I like tea.

Great spot though. This probably will go OOS soon.
Nice deal. Don't even drink gin but for a tenner it would be rude not to try. Thanks
Great spot.
Thanks, ordered.
Here's the link to others in the offer as well…031
Thanks,just ordered.
Gone up now
oos. Do you know what other gins were on this offer? Thanks
Just missed it. Good spot though!
trotters7612 m ago

oos. Do you know what other gins were on this offer? Thanks

Here are the others…031 (can get the botanical version for £13
Missed the OP deal but got some Bulldog for £13. Thanks
It's still available, select all sellers and then select Amazon £15 is there. I just ordered for £10 with code
Just worked for me too. Thanks OP
Its still available I have just ordered it
Thanks OP. I just ordered a bottle for £10 and didn't even have to choose it from all sellers so it's still available.
Thanks guys I cancelled and Got the £10 one instead
Just ordered, they must have found some more stock somewhere ;)! Thanks OP
Worked for me. Had this in my wishlist waiting for payday but now ordered. Great deal.
Thank-you. My husband loves this gin so we've just ordered one on his account and one on mine.
Just ordered, one of my favourite gins so thanks OP
Ordered, code worked fine - thanks
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Brilliant price, code worked for me, thanks OP.
Is there a way to get free postage?
Wowsers, hot! Ordered. Thank you!
Just ordered with code. Thank you!
Ordered....thanks op
This is when separate accounts come in handy. A breacon , botanicals and bulldog gin all for £36. Happy days.
Yey! Got some! Thanks op
great find & ordered a bottle, thanks for the info
just worked for me
HOT HOT HOT....this mothers getting ruined some
Hot! Ordered.
Heat for cheap(er) alcohol!
Flaming hot! Looks like I'm getting steaming this weekend
Its not actually made in Brecon, just uses Penderyn Water (same as they use for the Whisky). They only make the Whisky at Penderyn.
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