Breo roam watches £1.99 @ Home Bargains

Breo roam watches £1.99 @ Home Bargains

LocalFound 27th Nov 2011
Thought that this was a good price for these, spotted them when paying by the till where the chewing gums usually are
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I loved wearing these watches but unfortunately they either run slow/fast or stop working fully.
We've had a few and all had faults. Some just lose/gain a few minutes each day but one lost hours per day.
are these the ion ones? if not does anyone know what those watches are called?
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thankyou heat from me
Bought a Breo watch for my wife as a stocking filler a couple of years ago for a tenner. Absolute waste of money, she wore it whilst bathing our little girl, the lcd got water in it and stopped working and Breo did not want to know. Water resistant my $£%& and a waste of money.

Sorry, cold from me as even £1.99 is too much for these. Nice find but its a real false economy buying these especially as presents for people.
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Yeah my experience of these watches is very poor. I have had 3 of these and each one decides that it will no longer keep time. It either gains/loses minutes or resets itself back to 00:00. I never could pin down why it would reset itself (I did many tests) but I think it may have something to do with poor battery connections.
No vote from me, because its a nice price, but they are really bad
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I bought one of these yesterday £1.89 in our Home Bargains...lasted all of 20 mins before losing about 3 hrs...bad watch...great prezzie for someone you dislike
One I bought was on a Thomson flight. It would work straight out of the packed (time wouldn't set, faulty button). They wouldn't refund on the plane so had to post it back to Thomson at our expense.
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