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Bret Hitman Hart: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling Kindle Edition 99p @ Amazon

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If you're a fan of professional wrestling, particularly from the 80's and 90's, then this is the book for you.

A great insight into one of wrestling's best ever entertainers. Well worth 99p!
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    Would love this in Audio form
    "Did I tell you aboot the time Goldberg ended my career?"
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    Best there is, beat there was, best there ever will be! The nostalgia... Have some heat!
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    Met the hitman at clash at the castle in Cardiff.
    No way! Was he there?
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    I watched Brett Hart v Davey Boy Smith summer slam 92 on Christmas day. What a match. Thanks op
    Have a watch of their match at In Your House from December 95!
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    hot i actually have a signed copy of this book forgot i had it great book
    I do! Signed at Forbidden Planet in London a LOOOOONG time ago.
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    This is a great read
    I concur. Some really interesting insights and overall very well written. Well worth anyone's purchase.
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    Met him at the 02 At an event , signed photo with my son , was a good guy
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    Bought. Couldn't resist
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    This guy doesn't doubt El Dandy
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    Childhood Idol, best technical wrestler of all time followed by Benoit.
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    The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.. Have some heat
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    Saw him at the G Mex back in the 90s, also bought a pair of those pink shades, can't remember what they where made from but they were wierd to put on.
    I remember those. You also got the kind that rolled up I’m sure lol.
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    Brilliant reading
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    Great book. Met him in recent years and lovely guy.
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    Bret Hart is my dad
    Hi bald FTR
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    I did like the hitman in the 90s. But nowadays he just moans about everything, especially Goldberg.
    In fairness I think he has earned that right. Let's face it he has some really legitimate criticisms of the WWF/E -- what happened to Owen Hart was beyond tragedy, it was absolutely criminal. The guy was not a trained stuntman, and was left hanging at the top of an Arena with his entire weight basically on a small clip that was barely designed to hold a sail on a small boat, and could be triggered with barely a hair trigger's pressure. OK they say, 'the show must go on' but bosses continued the show that night despite knowing his blood had been all over the ring!
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    Amazing book, one of the best autobiographies I've read. So much detail from the matches throughout his career, and the somewhat unique option to go on YouTube and watch them, knowing what was actually happening in the ring, rather than what was being presented.
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    Bret screwed Bret.

    HBK was better

    Good deal, voted hot.
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    Bought it - thanks OP
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    Many thanks OP! Read this a few times over the years and cannot resist the kindle edition for 99p! (edited)
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    Brilliant price for this book. Have the paperback but tempted to buy this version too as it's such a bargain. Great read for wrestling fans obviously, but for non wrestling fans I'd suggest it's still well worth a read!
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    Before I buy - how many Goldberg references?
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    Probably the best wrestling autobiography. The golden age of wrestling. Nostalgia all the way
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