Brett Anderson - Free Tracks
Brett Anderson - Free Tracks

Brett Anderson - Free Tracks

Just saw this on Twitter from We7:

Download 8 free tracks from Brett Anderson - four from 2008's The Wilderness and four from his brand new album "Slow Attack". Brett Anderson releases his brand new solo album Slow Attack on BA Songs on November 2. The album was written and recorded between January and May 2009 in London and was produced and co-written by Leo Abrahams. It features 11 new songs.


The lead singer from Suede sounds melancholic. I'd never heard of we7 - but found this

Looking for a place to download music where you don´t have to pay for it, yet can do it legally? We7 lets you do just that. They provide completely free and legal music downloads. They do this by attaching advertising to the song clips, so that both they and the artists still make a profit. Each artist that has music available for download also has an in-depth page on them, so that you can learn something about the people who have created what you´re listening to. This is a great site for new bands to get attention and show their work to a new audience while still making a profit. So why bother dealing with illegal music or having to pay for it from sites like iTunes when you can get it for free all for the price of a couple second sound clip attached to the song?

Anyone used it?

thanks for this but does it acutally work?

We7 is new to me as well... Anyone got any opinions or info?!?
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