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Posted 2 September 2022

Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Smoothie Maker with 2 Portable Blending Bottles (600ml), 300W, Pink [VBL134] - £15.29 @ Amazon

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Enjoy smoothies, juices, protein shakes and more on the go with the Breville Blend Active. This single-serve blender features a powerful 300 W motor that smoothly blends frozen berries and ice with juice and other liquids.

The blending occurs in the top of the bottle so nothing gathers in the base, while the one-touch action delivers perfect results in seconds; ideal for busy weekday mornings before you head out to work, school or the gym.

  • Powerful 300 W motor
  • 2, 600 ml blending bottles
  • Crushes ice
  • Blends fruit
  • Purées vegetables
  • Dishwasher-safe blade and bottle

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    £10.29 if you use the £5 off voucher! Link to see if you're eligible for the promotion: amazon.co.uk/b?n…031 (edited)
    Unfortunately I have spent thousands at Amazon , had prime many times and been a long loyal customer so I am not entitled
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    How's it to clean? Quite a few not so good reviews on that part on amazon.. (edited)
    Put some washing-up liquid in it and some hot water. Then put it on the blender and switch it on. That helps to wash the inside of the bottle. Then use a bottle brush to clean any other debris. Then rinse.
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    Does it work as well to make smoothies using carrot or beetroot? Or only works for softer fruits/veggies?
    Never tried, but would say its probably possible, but would be a bit of a pain. It seems pretty powerful and can easily blend some ice, but the problem is the blades blend up the stuff at the bottom but everything else at the top is untouched. You have to keep removing the bottle to shake it down. One way to help with this is to add plenty of liquid.
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    Anyone tried making stuff like hummus in these? If so, does it work?
    If you want to make hummus, you'll need this version that comes with a processor attachment.

    48160807-5gv1M.jpgHere is the link

    Or you can buy the accessory pack separately that also has the processor attachment in it.

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    Excellent deal, have one of these, really good, heat from me
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    Paid £18 for this a week ago well worth it
  7. Avatar
    Cheers OP, bought with the £5 promotional offer as explained by @smyth668 and also managed to get free prime for 30 days, so it’ll be delivered today!
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    Excellent deal….thank you….managed to get this for £10.29 as amazon sent me a £5 voucher 🏻
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    Why pink lol
    I'm guessing they aren't selling as many as the other colours, hence the price drop to get rid of stock...probably
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    These are worth every penny. Great price. Heat!
  11. Avatar
    Ordered thank you just what I needed without breaking the bank
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    This is an excellent blender!!!
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    Needed a new one of these. Had one for years and it does a great job.
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    Had one of these for a good few years and use it at least twice a week. The bottles are looking really manky now. Buying a whole new unit is cheaper than buying a couple of bottles!
    Yep same here after all there not a life time buy are they so replace after a couple of years !!
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    Ordered . Thanks
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    Ordered one thank you
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    Excellent deal, just ordered and usedmy £5 Amazon voucher. Best tenner Ive spent in a while.
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    Ordered thanks:)

    Ordered thanks (edited)
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    Purchased thanks
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    Great offer..
  21. Avatar
  22. Avatar
    Had one for years, still going strong.
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    These are great!!
  24. Avatar
    Had one of these for around 6 years. I use it a couple of times a week maybe and it's still going strong.
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    Heat. I got one with 4 bottles in total, paid £14.50 for it. It was £19.99 and used the £7 if I used click and collect. Annoying thing, I had to buy something else to getit over £20 but £14.50 is still a great price, especially, it sells from £25 to £30.
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    My wife has one of these. Had it years. Used daily, sometimes twice daily.

    When it arrived if didn’t think it would last a week as seems quite lightweight but have been proved wrong.

    Not the most powerful thing but does the job
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    Anonymous User
    Any other Color ?
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    I paid £30 for this at JL. Fantastic deal heat added.
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    I ordered this one myself after posting it and well happy! I just did a protein shake in it using milk, oats, peanut butter and a small banana, was very nice! easy enough to clean too
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    I’ve got two of these. One which has been in daily use for the best part of a year to make smoothies with ice, and another which I bought for the extra bottles.

    I thought that it would have packed in by now as I tend to push it hard but it’s an amazing little blender, and doesn’t show any signs of giving up yet.

    I’m not eligible for 5 quid off, but if I was then I’d buy a third one without thinking about it. As it stands I’m tempted to go for another one at this price anyway.
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    Thanku ordered this but for the first very first time i used Prime. But ive cancelled it strightaway as it was a finger error,it says your Prime will be ended on 4th October 2022 does it really end or do i need to do anything extra? As in closer to the time check my account?
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    Had one of these for years, still going strong, great for smoothies.
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    Omg for a tenner this looks really good it came today and the pink is not as bad as it looks!
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    Price comes up as £17.99
    you have missed the offer
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    Deals expired!