Breville Jug Kettle, 1.5L  for £14 at Tesco Direct

Breville Jug Kettle, 1.5L for £14 at Tesco Direct

Found 21st Jan 2016
Reduced from £28.50
3kW Fastboil element
1.5L capacity
Cord storage facility

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Is this brita filter kettle
got this, it's crap. The window to see how much water is in it is very hard to see, also had a funny smell taste for first few months. Good price though if you dont care about that.
I've had this for several years and it's great. The only bad point is the joint which allows the lid to flip broke a few months after purchase. All this means is the lid no longer pivots but comes clean off whilst refilling, which is probably more useful. Boils quite quickly too.
Inherited one of these - absolute GARBAGE

The limescale filter fitting is so poor after only a handful of cycles of removing it to clean it just falls out all the time.
Water level hard to see after a few uses
There's no insulating around it at all so if you happen to brush past it once it's boiled you will leave the top 3 layers of your skin on the kettle

Not very quick to boil (imho!!)

The only plus side is it is a flat bottom element, seriously go buy that Which best buy from asda for £14 instead. It's not too bad for £14 but the original asking price was shocking. Had lots of different Breville devices recently and unfortunately the company has crap customer service when i've had to contact them so if I were you I would not buy anything from them at all.
have this and agree that the water level is very difficult to see
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