Breville VBL062 Blend-Active blender £20.00 at ASDA direct

Breville VBL062 Blend-Active blender £20.00 at ASDA direct

Found 14th May 2014
This Breville blender I haven't seen down to £20.00 in a little while, cheapest I've currently seen is £24.97 on Amazon, other places have been up to £30.

Thought I'd post for anyone else who has been waiting for this to go down in price!

6% quidco too, free pick up if ordered into store.
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Has been cheaper but not by much, have one myself, make sure you put liquid in before ice/frozen fruit as the blade nackers easily if you don't
Voted hot on price.
I've been looking at this for a couple of weeks but was put off by reports of the blades stopping spinning because the plastic connection between the base and blades wears away. Ended up getting the Russell Hobbs version for £22.00 from amazon. No reports of the plastic stripping (yet) and it seems well built.…c=1
I have one of these and have been using it daily for months now without any issues..

I always add water before adding any frozen fruit and usually tend to leave it for about 10 minutes before blending..
I also have one of these and its one of the best kitchen purchases I have made. We use it for everything from pancakes to pasta sauces and also smoothies. the fact it comes with 2 bottles is brilliant too as we both get a shake to take to work and only have to clean 1 blade and 2 bottles when we get home.

I paid this for mine from Amazon, well worth the price.
Don't need one but bought one cos it matches my kitchen. :-)
Almost certain I saw a stand for these today in Tesco in Slough for £19.50... Could be wrong though..
Got this the last time it was £20. Awesome purchase.
Also.. cleaning it is really easy. I just fill it half way with water and washing up liquid, give it a wizz and it's washed :-)
I bought it for £26-£27 on Tesco - it really is great. The main thing that used to put me off making smoothies was having to make a giant jug of it, then put it in a glass to drink before leaving the house. Now this makes a normal size portion to take on the go (3 bananas, handful of berries, few handfuls of spinach etc), and comes with 2 portable glasses that are also really handy/durable. Would recommend!

Obviously don't need to use it for smoothies, but that's what I use it most for
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ordered thanks op
I got one for £25. Absolutely perfect for protein shakes and smoothies. Would happily pay £20 to have a spare.
BRILLIANT item! Cannot recommend enough it's easy clean easy carry only blade to wash after blending as the other part turns into a carry cup! Brilliant design makes
Lovely fruit smoothies ! Hot
On price however I bought at this
Price same time last year from tesco x
Waiting for nutribullet to come down in price
Yeah some of the cheaper priced ones only had 1 bottle, these have two, just ordered another one, means I now have 3 bottles and a spare base unit should it all go wrong.
out of stock
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