Breville VDF084 Halo Fryer at Sainbury's - £79.99 - Standard or To store delivery free

Breville VDF084 Halo Fryer at Sainbury's - £79.99 - Standard or To store delivery free

Found 20th Sep 2012
Price until 2nd October

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Good reviews on Argos site @ £149.99 Link:…htm

The healthy way to fry, bake, sauté and roast a whole host of delicious foods, the Breville VDF084 Halo Fryer is your ticket to tasty meals. The Halo fryer uses just one spoonful of oil for fresh chips - that's 99.5% less than a standard 3L fryer - and no oil at all when cooking oven chips and frozen foods. Both the bowl and paddle rotate to create crispy chips without manual turning or shaking.

The halogen heating element produces instant heat, while the integrated fan provides even cooking and browning. The unique bowl design with removable paddle allows more delicate foods like fish to be cooked, and the reversible roasting rack is ideal for foods like chicken or sausages, where excess oil can drain into the bowl. Other features include easy-to-use illuminated digital controls with 99 minute timer.

It comes with more than 20 pages of recipe ideas, and has easy-clean dishwasher-safe accessories.

Inside the box you'll find a removable bowl and stirring paddle, roasting rack, measuring spoon and a removable bowl handle.

£99.99 at Comet
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I had one ended up sending it back, it is essentially the same as a Actifry but not as good, and it has a design flaw IMO in the handle, the amount of times I lifted it up forgetting it was not a handle, did my head in, it comes with a removable handle but the bit that looks like a handle is not.... if that makes any sense
Bought one about 8 months ago. Use it 2 or 3 times a week. So versatile. No smells. Hard wearing, robust. Top spotting OP. Warm as toast this deal.
Disappointed, I thought it was a vader type robot mask from the crappy small picture this new layout shows me.....
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Just picked one up and it cooked sausages from frozen really well!

Very pleased with it, especially at this price. (I got an extra £9 off with a voucher printed at the checkout on a previous visit)

This actually gets pretty good reviews everywhere and also from actifry users.
Got one from sainsburys it cost £79.99.what a great kitchen appliance chips are spot on no smell no noise I can't see why some people have moaned its great. We are very pleased £200 for a actifry no thanks
Just got the last one in Keighley (or so I presume, it got put out on an end-of-aisle thing just before I took it, then the signage was taken down and other stuff there when I went past later.)

First batch of chips on now.

Do remember that it still uses oil so will still bump up the calorie count - ie 5ml oil = 45 calories extra.
Still a hell of a lot better than deep frying however, it seems!
Can't find it on the website?
Reckon they must have sold out - can't hurt to give your local store a call though.

I've been using mine a fair bit.

Chips aren't amazing, but are nice enough I keep going back to it - and are pretty good in relation to the calories.
Haven't tried it for anything else bar chips and wedges so far.
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