Breville VMW176 Easitronic Black Grill Microwave Oven Black with Mirror Door £59.99 delivered at Sainsburys

Breville VMW176 Easitronic Black Grill Microwave Oven Black with Mirror Door £59.99 delivered at Sainsburys

Found 1st Mar 2012
Just come across this online, seems to be a good price for a microwave and grill!

Free standard delivery or can click and collect instore too.

Was £139.99, maybe not worth that but a good deal at £59.99!

This sleek Microwave and Grill by Breville is just the job when you want to put delicious food on the table - fast. With a family-sized 20L capacity, 800W of power and five power settings, there's plenty to get excited about.

Features include a digitally-controlled grill, so you can brown and crisp to perfection. Easitronic combines the best of digital and analogue to give you a world of options at the touch of a button and the turn of a dial.

Other features include a 60 minute timer, auto cook and auto-weight defrost features, express cooking and a child-proof lock.
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"Its very small and will not fit my dinner plates in so I cant heat up a plated up meal as it has to be transferred to a container or smaller plate."

or this review

"Great product, looks really good and is a nice compact size, but not so small that you struggle to fit anything in."

dont you just love user reviews!
I've got one myself, and I think it's big enough for most dishes.
I have this microwave and it fits a baby sterilizer and large plates. Unless you microwave on top of chargers or the like then your plates will fit!
Just thought I'd post to say that we ordered this Microwave and, after a rigmarole with delivery, it arrived on Saturday.
Sadly, it died literally half way through the first "test run" (Which was actually a baby bottle steriliser, which is what we mostly use our microwave for). It seemed to overheat or something, as it completely cut off power. Leaving it for about 20mins seemed to bring it back to life, but it just did the same thing again on the second run.

I checked to make sure nothing was left inside or anything like that (it came with some sneakily placed cardboard inside that I almost didn't notice). I am sorry to say that it will have to go back, don't think I'll get a replacement either.

It did also turn out to be quite small, it wouldn't fit our dinner plates but we have (what feels like) particularly large ones and it only seemed to be small by about half an inch, so I do think the complaints about size are somewhat over reactions.
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