Brew Buddy Home Brew Starter Kit for £20.80 + 3% Quido + 200 Clubcard Points from Tesco Direct
Brew Buddy Home Brew Starter Kit for £20.80 + 3% Quido + 200 Clubcard Points from Tesco Direct

Brew Buddy Home Brew Starter Kit for £20.80 + 3% Quido + 200 Clubcard Points from Tesco Direct

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The Bitter making starter kit is also available. Just search for 'BrewBuddy' in Tesco Direct.

This is by far the cheapest I have seen this. You can collect in store for 20.80 or delivery is £5. The total amount of clubcard points earned is actually 240 with 3% Quidco too. All you need is some bottles (free at your local pub if you ask nicely) and some caps (less than 2p each) and a capping device (from £3 to £8) which you can get from any home brew shop. You can also use a pressure barrel but then the price starts going up. Once you have brewed your first batch you can use any beer concentrate kit with the Brew Buddy system, but these are also on offer at Tesco Direct - search for 'BrewBuddy'.

The BrewBuddy starter kit helps you make 40 pints of lager at home - just add sugar and water. The kit contains all the equipment you need, including a 25 litre bucket & lid, syphon, hydrometer, steriliser, bucket clip, 40 pint lager kit plus easy step by step instructions. All of the equipment is reusable.


Heater included?

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No heater included. I picked one up from Ebay for around a tenner. As long as you maintain a temperature of 20 degrees (depending upon the beer) you should be OK anyway.

I wonder why you need a heater. I have donw a long time ago, my own, thou my parents reguarly make there own wine. They never used a heater

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You don't need a heater to be honest. But I was brewing somewhere without central heating so I decided to use one.

good, these are about £23 in Wilkinsons

Been making my own beer since Xmas (awesome present, thanks Mum!), using this setup.

I barrelled the first batch, but struggled to keep it cool & fizzy. 2nd batch is in bottles, and much better!

It's definitely an acquired taste, don't expect your first attempt to taste like Bud!

Am about to brew my 3rd batch, a Mexican Cerveza... gonna pop a little vodka lime extract in it to give it a sort of Corona taste...!

Wilko's is best place for a capper I've found, and as for bottles... pubs, friends etc!

Working out at 12p a pint with this kit, can't go wrong (with the price... beer could go horribly wrong though!)

I got one of these kits for xmas and this thread just spured me on to give it a whirl. One tip i just found on the net is to use 2l plastic pop bottles to bottle it and use 1 level tablespoon of sugar in each to prime the fizz . (mine is a larger kit)


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Now up to £26 & only 52 clubcard points.
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