Brewdog Beers £1.29 Each and 3 for 2 @ Sainsburys

Brewdog Beers £1.29 Each and 3 for 2 @ Sainsburys

Found 23rd Sep 2009
My local Sainsburys, Clifton Down in Bristol is selling off 3 different Brewdog beers. Selling price was £1.59 but are reduced to £1.29 and 3 for 2.

Smallish bottles but delicious and strong.

I managed to get the HArdcore IPA, Dogma ale and Punk IPA. Saving them for Christmas presents in a hamper.

Hope this helps someone.


I bought these at Ashton gate Sainsburys today too. Good deal

Really nice beers - hot.

I cashed in on this offer the other day and I have to say these beers aren't for the faint hearted. I've mostly been drinking lager recently and these are serious brews in comparison.

For anyone who goes for this deal, it might be worth getting in of the Brewdog offer, which is still going as far as I can make out:
So here is the challenge peeps

1 - Go to Sainsbury's and buy 20 bottles of BrewDog (Hardcore IPA, Chaos Theory and Dogma), they are on a 4 for the price of 3 deal so this will be good value.

2 - take a picture of the beer you bought and email the picture to [email protected] It does not have to be a super picture or anything, just enough so we can see you bought the beers. Update - we now want to see you in the picture with your beer!

3 - Every person who emails us a picture will be sent a super cool BrewDog goody box including 3 bottles of a very exciting prototype beer which no-one has even heard of yet. Punk Monk! We will also publish all the photos on our blog.




One of my favourite breweries. Hardcore IPA will knock you off your feet. Visit their site to see their other creations:

i had some of these the other night. quite nice, and very strong! 7 - 8% strength.


i had some of these the other night. quite nice, and very strong! 7 - 8% … i had some of these the other night. quite nice, and very strong! 7 - 8% strength.

Chaos Theory = 7.1%
Dogma = 7.8%
Hardcore IPA = 9%

Funnily enough, the Chaos Theory tasted the strongest when I sampled one of each, but then again it was the first one I drank.


Punk IPA is currently one of my favourite bottled beers (and even better on draught) - every lager drinker should be forced to try something like this once in their life just to see what they're missing
Couldn't find any Punk in my local Sainsbury's but have stocked up on Chaos & Hardcore instead. Not tried Dogma yet as not sure I'd like its combination of 'guarana, Californian poppy, kola nut and Scottish heather honey'...
Sainsbury's had some Meantime London Pale Ale @ 85p a bottle as well, which was the icing on the cake:)
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