Brewdog Elvis Juice £5 @ Morrisons

Brewdog Elvis Juice £5 @ Morrisons

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Amazing price, gorgeous summer IPA for those hot days. Never seen a 4 pack under £6 or even individual bottles under £1.50
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Love this stuff strong to !!! Just cracked open a jack hammer
Was them president things last night 9.5% wow
JimbobAstin3 m ago

Was them president things last night 9.5% wow

I got 3 of each but didn't want to try them on a school night haha !
If you can get to a brewdog bar, Hazy Jane is an absolute must try, cannot recommend highly enough!
As much as I like beer, the name Elvis Juice puts me off a bit...
Lovely stuff
This and Clockwork Tangerine. Cracking ales!(y)
Bargain! Strong IPA
Absolute bargain really tasty beer!
Good price since Tesco don't include it in the 2 packs for £9 anymore
Thanks for the heads up, OHs favourite. Next cheapest place is asda at 4 bottles for £6 but not one local to us. He’s also a fan of mr president but again it’s a hard one to find near us
take care getting it home so it isn't all shook up
Only ever seen Mr President in Tesco.

That and this are both lovely, my faves.
Too much fruit flavour in this for me, not very IPA in character.
Love this stuff, and Kingpin too. If it was any cheaper I'd be sloshed every day.
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