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Posted 17 April 2023

Brewdog Mallow Laser Quest Hazy IPA 4pk 440ml £5.85 at Tesco Colney Hatch London

£5.85£935% off
In store: London ·
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Found this today when I stopped in my local mega Tesco. Could be local but might be worth checking at other shops. Please comment if it's national. Brewdog Mallow Laser Quest reduced to clear at Tesco Colney Hatch London.


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  1. CmcBkVlln's avatar
    For anyone who likes this, get into a brewdog and try it on draught, it's brilliant and will ruin it from the can for you
  2. nickrfuller's avatar
    Not a bad drink. Same price in Tesco, Middlesbrough. (edited)
  3. Just-Blondie's avatar
    Love this drink, definitely my fav Brewdog 😋
  4. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    I bought some from tesco at christmas time, what a strange drink, wouldn't have again even as a gift
  5. TBC15's avatar
    Think I’ll wait until it’s dumped on DD.
  6. joeymcjoe's avatar
    Awesome beer
  7. Begize's avatar
    It's been this price in the reduced section for a few months at my local branch. Doesn't seem very popular and have to agree, it's not that nice.
  8. robocop999's avatar
    This is nice, but couldn't drink more than one in a night. Interesting flavours though.
  9. Wongy111's avatar
    Still got a few left here
    manged to find a pack for £3.75 on the rtc shelf
    bought with some trepidation

    an interesting drink not bad at all really/
    lafonk's avatar
    I’d definitely buy more if it was £3.75!
  10. iainsansom's avatar
    Tastes like a sugar coated toxic workplace culture with a hint of illegal activity and green washing. Beers from other breweries leave less of a sour taste in your mouth
  11. WrexTheDragon's avatar
    Had a weird taste.
    But BrewDog does have its fans.
  12. Pigsy.'s avatar
    Laser Quest? Next up, Quasar, Q-2000, Megazone....
  13. Donzy12's avatar
    It's a lovely drink, but only for say 2 cans as its quite a sweet drink.
  14. snapdragon's avatar
    Why not just buy cordial and add it to cheap beer? That all they do at the breweries of these weird drinks.
  15. new_lizard's avatar
    Wait.. its normal price is £9 for 4 cans?
    paniczhrabi's avatar
    £8 RPP
  16. GrimDanFango's avatar
    Revoltingly sweet
  17. Blizzarooo's avatar
    This beer is delicous, milkshake Ipa are getting rarer
    lafonk's avatar
    I know it’s really not everyone’s cup of tea but I love milkshake IPA as a style, so it makes me sad that there aren’t that many. Do you have any suggestions or favourites?
  18. LRW's avatar
    I love this has anyone seen it near Liverpool.
    Pigsy.'s avatar
    Had some in my beer fridge in Scouseport if that counts? 😋🍻🍻🍻
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