Brewdog Mixed Pack (12 cans) £8 @ Morrrisons - Alloa

Brewdog Mixed Pack (12 cans) £8 @ Morrrisons - Alloa

LocalFound 9th Nov 2017
Brewdog mixed cans 12 pack reduced to clear in Morrisons Alloa. May be store specific.
Usually £16 so half price.
3 x Punk IPA
3 x Dead Pony Club
3 x Elvis Juice
3 x Electric India
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Company is worth £1b apparently. Private Equity house bought 22% of the shares for £213m in 2017. Started in Scotland in 2010 with a small bank loan. Good luck to the entrapaneurs who started it.
I would say this is hot for the price even though brew dog has been over marketed for OK beer
Top deal!
Great price, would be searching high and low if it was jack hammer instead of electric india
Amazing price but not in my local! (Willenhall)
Not in Bradford grrr
what size are tne cans?
tgbyhn1044 m ago

what size are tne cans?

no more left, but lots of other beers/wines/ciders half price, cheap as
Full price in Kidderminster
Yeah, electric one isn't great, Elvis punk and Jack hammer are nice beers. Used to sell at the local market before scaling up every year. Impressive business and great for the 2 founders.
This is an absolute steal at this price. Had the good fortune to hear one of the founders speak at a Trade conference earlier this year. Great speaker, great attitude, great product and deserve the success they have achieved.
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