Brewdog Nanny State 43p @ Asda Burnden Park

Brewdog Nanny State 43p @ Asda Burnden Park

LocalFound 14th Jul 2017Edited by:"Mersey_Steve"
Brewdog Nanny State 43p a bottle. Found in Asda Burnden Park.
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0.5% alcohol.......grim.
Nice stuff. Good if you fancy a beer but don't want to feel like crap the next day.
Had one for lunch as I was designated driver. Excellent alternative to bloody Coke or water!
Bought a load of these when they were 43p at my local Asda a few months ago. Taste like beer flavoured fizzy water to me. Worth about 43p and not much more imo!
ABV \x090.5%

Shandy drinking southerners

I tried this in my quest for a low/non alcohol midweek beer. Personally i thought it tasted like furniture polish!
I had this whilst at a bbq as I was driving I bought 8 drank 2 and left them there, absolutely rank.
Tastes like toilet duck, but not quite as useful.
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