Brewsters millions £2.98 delivered @ Amazon
Brewsters millions £2.98 delivered @ Amazon

Brewsters millions £2.98 delivered @ Amazon

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One of my favourite films of all time... absolute classic

He's had some good performances in supporting parts, but Richard Pryor's major film roles, including Brewster's Millions, never managed to captured his comic brilliance the way his concert films did--proving that magic isn't something you can bottle. This 1985 film is no exception, even though it was directed by Walter Hill three years after he turned Eddie Murphy into a film star with 48 Hours. The seventh film reworking of a warhorse stage play, this film stars Pryor and John Candy as a pair of minor-league baseball players whose best days are behind them. Then Pryor is informed that he's just inherited a fortune--300 million dollars. But it comes with a condition: he must spend 30 million dollars in one month, with a number of rules about how much he can spend at one time and how many of any one thing he can buy. Both Pryor and Candy were at the top of their comedy games at this point, but were utterly failed both by ham-handed direction and a script that left them higher and drier than seems humanly possible, given the comic talents involved.


My mum loves this film, nice stocking filler :thumbsup:

]None of the above.

Genius, if only we had that here...

One of my guilty pleasures.

Great Film and Great Deal. :thumbsup:

The greatest film of all time, have some heat !!!!

It's £2 in my local asda, but well worth a fiver

Just in case it helps someone, unfortunately the UK DVD is cropped from 16:9 to 4:3. You have to buy the US DVD to get it in widescreen.

Top Film. So funny, one of Pryor's best films up their with Stir Crazy.

Not a ground breaking price as it's only 1p more at ]Play which you can get Quidco from making it £2.87 which is ever hotter!

EDIT: Don't forget another classic with Mr Prior in it, Moving. Great film.
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