BrewZer Lager - £23.90 delivered

BrewZer Lager - £23.90 delivered

Found 21st Mar 2007
Make your own beer in 10 minutes
Forget that watery yellow stuff your dad used to make. The beer produced by the BrewZer beat several national brands in a taste test!

The BrewZer is a mini micro-brewery with a compact and revolutionary design. Unbelievably simple to use, you can make beer at home in just ten minutes. The pack includes a set of ingredients which makes ten pints. Just mix these with cold tap water, and 21 days later, you've got perfect beer. The process is so simple because there is no sterilizing or boiling water involved. The BrewZer is a closed, pressure controlled brewing vessel. Once the ingredients and water are mixed, the pressure causes fermentation. This also helps to clarify the beer, forcing the yeast out of suspension. The build-up of pressure dispenses the first three to four pints of beer, ensuring there's no chance of spoilage.

The powder contains only natural ingredients used in traditional breweries, such as malt, hops, and yeast. The ingredients are prepared and blended, then turned into a soluble powder, which miraculously retains all its natural flavours and characteristics. The result is a beautifully balanced, strong English beer, at 4.5 percent abv.

The Lager BrewZer produces a highly refreshing Pilsner style lager, with good lager notes. As with all lagers, it's best served chilled, and at a higher carbonation level than that achieved in the BrewZer itself. (Full instructions on how to increase carbonation and properly chill the beer are supplied.) The BrewZer is completely re-usable, with 30 pint refill packs (Lager or Bitter) available. All the components that come into contact with the beer come sterilised with each refill pack. At least you can have cheap, easy to produce beer that doesn't taste like p*ss.
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I've updated the price to include delivery, and added it to the title
So it's really 21 days and 10 minutes lol Thanks for this ;-)

So it's really 21 days and 10 minutes lol Thanks for this ;-)

No longer than the average wait to be served in wetherspoons
[SIZE=2]The bitter one is not available. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Where can we get refills from as there they have sold out and ca[/SIZE][SIZE=2]n't find anything on ebay.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Can you put the bitter refill in the lager machine shown?[/SIZE]
The refills are available online for around £20 + p&p They are for 30 pints. But the initial price that works out at £2.40 a pint! ouch! Ive seen the bags that you hang on the back of a door for around £10 in town you just add water to those too and at 20pints 50p a pint is better!
harlzter my good man, where might one procure such a bag?
Twentyone of these machines would take up most of our kitchen.
Just to let you know - Hawkins Bazzar (sp) do them instore for £20 or less I believe. Bought one recently...

harlzter my good man, where might one procure such a bag?

The last time one saw these wonderful contraptions was in Wilkinsons last week, although i cannot say what they taste like as i am not a fan of carbonated crops, i myself have a penchant for distilled beverages such as my good friends Mr Daniels, Mr Walker and Mr Beam, we are always guaranteed a wonderful night out together without overstretching ones bladder!
Wilkinsons have quite a good selection of home brew stuff in at the minute if thats your bag, i am too impatient to wait i would rather pay for my alcohol and be able to have it straightaway, although a friend of mine made some amazing rum and raisin wine, even the hardiest drinkers where unable to handle more than three of four glasses!
Tried one of these and it tasted awful!

The beer is actually housed in a bag within the barrel. Didn't bother to buy more bags for it as it was disgusting. In fact my bag wasn't sealed and the contents didn't seem as full as it should have been. Rang them up and some guy delivered a replacement in person. Pity it was like dishwater!

Much preferred the bags-on-the-door (Boots used to sell them). Does anyone know where these can be purchased?
better deal just posted at gadget shop

see deal alerts
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