Brian Eno : Another Day On Earth £2.99 delivered @ play
Brian Eno : Another Day On Earth £2.99 delivered @ play

Brian Eno : Another Day On Earth £2.99 delivered @ play

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At the time of ANOTHER DAY ON EARTH's release in 2005, it had been 28 years since ambient-music godfather Brian Eno had released an album of vocal-based songs (not counting a 1990 duo record with John Cale). Eno's '70s "pop" albums were part of a different age and represented a different Eno, one who'd laid the groundwork for glam with Roxy Music and was, for all his eccentricities, very much a rock artist. Almost three decades down the line, though, with a career's worth of instrumental, frequently beatless electronic music behind him, Eno turned out a "song" album of a very different kind. ANOTHER DAY ON EARTH could not be farther from the rock world. Closer to Eno's ambient works of the '80s and '90s, it melds song form and traditional lyric-based templates with a floating, ethereal sonic palette. A couple of the tracks here feature female vocals, but most are centered around Eno's own voice, a measured, low-key, yet surprisingly poignant thing that emanates spirituality and resolve in a way that seems leagues beyond the youthful brashness of, say, TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN (BY STRATEGY). Liquid synthesizer lines drift along, occasionally intersecting with soft, lyrical guitars and gently undulating rhythms, making Eno's first vocal effort of the 21st century a calm yet powerful creature.

Track List

And Then So Clear
A Long Way Down
Going Unconscious
Caught Between
Passing Over
How Many Worlds
Just Another Day
Bone Bomb


Absolutely brilliant album.
Listen to the last song Bone Bomb.....outstanding
Sounds from another world, puts our worldly existence into some sort of perspective.

Back up to 11.99 for me...

Original Poster


Back up to 11.99 for me...

Damn, I hadn't got round to ordering it myself

@SK: Always order first and then post...;)
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