Brick 2-disc edition DVD £2.85

Brick 2-disc edition DVD £2.85

Found 26th Apr 2010Made hot 30th Apr 2010
Rather good price, especially for the 2 disk edition, which it does state in the details section, makes a good deal if your buying something just under £20, and want to get something to use the £2 off voucher APRIL2.

BRICK is the story of Brendan Fry, a high-school loner who embarks on a mission to track down his missing girlfriend, but who soon finds himself ensnared in a tangled web of deceptions.

BRICK turns the American high school genre on its head, injecting hard boiled dialogue and a classic film noir style reminiscent of THE MALTESE FALCON and CHINATOWN. An original absorbing mystery that will leave you spellbound.


Did you see Nick Griffith's haircut - does it remind you of Hitler? said Brick.

Am I the only one who found the dialogue in this film extremely annoying.

just bought this in morissons for £2, it's the 2 disk edition.

Superb movie, you won't be dissapointed.

£2 in Fopp


Am I the only one who found the dialogue in this film extremely annoying.

Nope - Despite the good reviews, I found it a pretentious pile of crap. Totally overrated - And I watched it with my daughter (who IS the demographic the film was aimed at), and she was very much in agreement.

Still, each to their own.... :?

Really enjoyed this film, quite different from the mainstream. Subtle and well done story telling, with unique and humorous characters along the way. Acting is well done by all too. Quite a quirky film so probably alienates some viewers.

7.6 on IMDB (internet likes it too).

This is on telly this week: Thursday 6th at 23:00 on Film 4

This was 1 pound in Fopp at one point and been 2 pounds in a few places - don't see this as a great price.

Great movie. No idea if I'm in the target demographic, but I enjoyed it anyway.
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