Bridge To Terabitha £3 delivered @ Tesco

Bridge To Terabitha £3 delivered @ Tesco

Found 18th Mar 2010
Bridge To Terabitha £3 delivered @ Tesco

Next best almost £1 more

From the producers of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and the mind of author Katherine Paterson comes a rousing fantasy adventure about family, friendship, and the wondrous power of imagination. A perpetual outsider both at home and at school, Jess Aarons (Josh Hutcherson) just never seems to fit in no matter how hard he tries. When his goal to become the fastest runner in middle school is unexpectedly thwarted by newly arrived classmate Leslie Burke (AnnaSophia Robb), who enters in an "all boys" race and leaves her competitors in the dust, Jess soon strikes up a friendship with the imaginative outsider. Their bond is soon cemented thanks to Leslie's love for storytelling and Jess' skill as an artist, and the two lonely kids create a secret kingdom called Terabithia that is only accessible by swinging over a stream on a nearby rope.

Though Jess and Leslie may be considered outcasts by their classmates, their adventures in Terabithia find the pair doing battle against the dreaded Dark Master and his malevolent creatures while plotting revenge against the schoolyard bullies. Now, thanks to his adventures in Terabithia and his friendship with Leslie, Jess finally finds the confidence needed to stand tall and be himself.


Not a bad kid's film... a little on the short side though, and didn't really delve into the fantasy world as much as it could have.

This was not at all what I expected from a kids film. Is actually more of a drama and quite sad too. Decent price though.

This film is too sad for kids I wouldn't recomend it

Sad film. Good tho


This film is too sad for kids I wouldn't recomend it

I don't want my kids growing up soft. Better that they take this on the chin as a pre-cursor to when these things happen in real life, otherwise they'll find it harder in the long run.


Watched it with the kids & we were all in tears! Not what I expected but still very good

Yes, there is a rather surprising twist towards the end. :-(

Yeah, who could have guessed she was an alien? It was sad when she left though... bit to similar to E.T., but it played out much differently, so it was all good.

Lol. I thought this was a kind of fantasy kingdom film, but it's more a coming of age drama. Very sad ending, unnecessarily so I thought. Won't watch it again. Not for little kids.

I find the number of people who complain about how unnecessarily depressing the ending is to be rather depressing. I don't want to live in a world where every movie follows the same predicable route to a happy ending. I watched this with my kids at the cinema and yes, it was a bit upsetting at the time but we all enjoyed it because it was so much more emotionally involving than the usual roller-coaster of impressive effects, 2D characters and suspense which only works if you can forget that this is Hollywood and of course the hero will survive completely unharmed. We all wanted to see it again and/or read the book (depending on age). The same can't be said for most movies with suitable Hollywood endings which may be enjoyable at the time but utterly forgettable in the long term and have nothing to tell us except maybe a patronising moral message.

We need more great movies like this for both adults and kids!

upset my son near the end very sad film
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