Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby £29.99 @ smyths toys

Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby £29.99 @ smyths toys

LocalFound 13th Feb 2013
Got this for my daughter, cheapest i've seen it in a while. It £34.99 on the site but using code £5 off code 600266 posted by PhotographyMoments take price down to £29.99 and there's free delivery.

link to voucher code.…080
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great price
Good price, but debating on whether I should get one or hold out for a jumperoo? Are these any good? My elder son loved his jumperoo, and my youngest is only 8 weeks so a while before his in it. Plus I just ordered the bright start rocker for £25 delivered, my oh will kill me.
I'm in contact with company that makes these as one of the attachments is very dangerous. The green rubber long leaf is very flexible, it can be squeezed to fit in mouth, which my daughter did and it regained shape in her mouth and got wedged. She couldnt get it out and it made her sick but the vomit piled up behind the leaf toy. Lucky my wife was with her and noticed her going very quiet and pulled it out. hate to think what may have happened had my wife not been in room watching her. she could have choked to death.
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