Found 18th Dec 2006
If you are lucky then you might just be able to pick up this exellent little Camera from Currys.
I was looking for it when I saw it for only 150 pounds which is amazing seeing as Jessops and Argos sell it for 220/230.

I managed to find it on Oxford street but it was out of stock so I went to the electronic shops on Tottenham court road where I managed to quote the price of Currys so I got one. YAY!
This really is an exellent camera, recieving very good scores everywhere I've looked, HIGHLY RECOMENED.


Are you saying you didn't get this in currys then? You got it price matched elsewhere?

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The link doesn't work for me.

It's an in-store only deal if you read the first post...

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Um, well I guess, but I'm sure you could find it at another Currys?

Anyway, Is that aloud then? Sorry if it isn't, I'll try to be more specific next time:-D

[SIZE=2]You're saying you got it price matched at another store, but didn't say which store... I think?[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]The majority of the deals we post on here are online offers, although some offline deals have been posted. [/SIZE]

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Okay, sorry. I price matched it at one of those those stores near the Odeon cinema on Tottenham court road, I can't remember which one but that shouldn't matter as they are all very competative down there.


It's an in-store only deal if you read the first post...

:oops: Sorry.


:oops: Sorry.

It's ok.

Sometimes you're just so keen to get to the deal you just use the "Go to deal" button and don't bother with the readin :-D I know what it's like!

DSGs on Oxford Street/New Oxford Street/Holborn have been known to price match TCR even at low silly prices, bearing in mind TCR mostly has grey imports which a clued up Oxford Street salesmen would quote.
But this isn't available to mass public and is very localised so shouldn't be on here and is more apt. in misc forum imo.

Are prices for HDTV's likely to be cheaper in TCR the online?

Without knowing which shop has this in stock, or which shop shop is prepared to price match against another store where a product is out of stock, there is little value to this offer.

For obvious reasons, most price match policies insist the product is in stock and available elsewhere. Whenever I've asked for a price match, the salesperson always checks the other retailer has the item in stock before agreeing to a price match.

What camera is it?

If it's the F20 Argos is doing this for £134.99.



Looks like a V10.
A freind bought one in a Boots promo reciently for £99:shock: ,bargain.
Really nice piece of kit with 3" lcd.

Yeah, it's the Fujifilm Finepix V10. Welcome to the forums Lewie!


Sems its available for £145.80 from Amazon, if its the V10. Could always use the Hellmans book as well.

If only it didn't use those xD cards and used good ol SD I'd be right in there.

In the Boots sale for £149.99 with a leather case and 1GB card.

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