Brilliant new streaming app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch - and it's free!

Brilliant new streaming app for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch - and it's free!

Found 10th Sep 2010Made hot 11th Sep 2010
Enjoy your entire collection of videos and music on the iPhone, iPad, and any browser; no need to upload or sync.

It works really well - download app from iTunes onto device and download the software to your PC and away you go - the app does video conversion for you too

You can access all your docs and pretty much any file on your PC from away.

It's free! You can't go wrong.


Does seem excellent - a little heavy on pc resources perhaps.

Hot though :-D
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Thanks KingCampo, Downloaded and working very well on my ipad.

Nice find


nice find

Nice App will give it a go

Amazing app, thanks!

And what about security?


And what about security?

The answer would be a lot more interesting than the question - does anyone know if this is a security threat?

Nice find, cheers!

Downloaded; brilliant app, many thanks OP.

Works really well, even on 3G.

OK. I've had a bit of a play and it's brilliant!

I was impressed with how easy it was to set up on my PC and iphone. Then I was impressed with how many file formats it could play. Not only does it do the usual .avi files, but also .mkv and even .mts files which my camcorder records in. It also plays my itunes playlists nicely. Also if you're going somewhere with no wifi/3G, you can download the media in advance and it will be stored on the phone. A 1.1 gb .mkv file took 35 mins on my home wifi network.

Unfortunately there are downsides. You need to leave your computer on (ok, not a biggy for many people). Your network would have a fit if you start streaming videos on 3G on a regular basis! But most importantly, it keeps losing connection to my computer on a regular basis about every 20 mins. Very frustrating. I'm not sure if it's killing my PC or if there's an issue with servers. I have to kill the app and restart, and then it normally starts working again.

Hopefully they'll fix the problem and also not make this expensive by introducing some horribly expensive subscription cost (it's free at the mo). It's worth a go, but like I said, maybe not the best thing to do over 3G that often!

Does this make your library accessible via a zumocast website or local server? Not sure I like the idea of 'signing in' to play media.

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