bring a friend, get a FREE wellness session!

bring a friend, get a FREE wellness session!

Found 30th Apr 2015
Bring a friend to join weight watchers from now until 20th June and you BOTH get a free wellness session - includes manicure, massage, reiki, yoga, reflexology or even a dance lesson!
Even better you can join weight watchers and pay only £10 for your first month! That gets you a month of meetings, access online and the fab mobile app, plus support from an amazing local leader. All aimed at getting you feeling fabulous this summer!
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At fat fighters we just eat dust
rekiki - free for someone to transfer ' universal energy' with their hands. reflexology - free for someone to touch your feet to effect other parts of your body? that alone puts me off - but heat for the manicure and dance lesson - they have a chance to actually do something!
by effect I mean affect I can't edit on mobile
mmmmmmmmm massage
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