Brink (PS3) for £6 Delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

Brink (PS3) for £6 Delivered @ Tesco Entertainment

Found 27th Feb 2012
Splash Damage first solo project “Brink” since breaking away from previous franchise games, and has been eagerly anticipated by gamers worldwide. Based in the future in a world where the earth has been flooded for 25 years, huge social unrest is destroying civilisation as more people seek refuge in the man-made floating city “The Ark”.

Players have huge flexibility as they control many different characters in their quest to save the human race from self-destruction. Brink has brilliant fluidity to gameplay similar in style to releases like Assasin’s Creed and Mirror’s Edge. Players seamlessly interchange between single and multi-player modes as you battle it out with strategise to save The Ark from doom. This immense new video game is available from Tesco Entertainment on PS3.
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Thanks for posting
Heat.. Just to let you know as well, Asda has had this on for £7 instore for a while now if you prefer not waiting
Good price if you want it delivered, its £5 in store at morrisons though.
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