Brink (Xbox 360) - £32.97 @ Asda (Instore)

Brink (Xbox 360) - £32.97 @ Asda (Instore)

Found 12th May 2011
Just saw Brink being advertised onthe TV for ASDA for £32.97.

I know a lot of people are put off paying £40 for an online shooter.


Beat me to it by 20 minutes. Just seen the same ad. Very good in store price for a new release, especially a much anticipated one like this.

Heat added.
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as zavvi still haven't go stock on the ps3 bundle with turtle beach might have to get it from asda cheers op

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People voting cold on best instore offer?

Is this any ASDA store from midnight?

might trade a few in towards this tomorrow!
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