Brinkmann Dual Zone Professional Charcoal BBQ - £205 @ Costco

Brinkmann Dual Zone Professional Charcoal BBQ - £205 @ Costco

LocalFound 12th Mar 2010
This isn't for everyone, but if you are after a nice charcoal BBQ then this is worth a look. At 205 pounds its not cheap, but it looks much more expensive than that and its being sold on Ebay at 350 at the moment.

the BBQ has dual zone for independent temp control. The charcoal grates are height adjustable by a crank. According to the manual it can also be used as a smoker.

Full spec is here:…pdf

I picked one up last weekend, haven't fired it up yet, waiting for the sun to shine.

EDIT: (I found online)
Here's more images of the barbie:…php?afsrc=1&mid=8699524&…jpg…php?afsrc=1&mid=8699524&…jpg…php?afsrc=1&mid=8699524&…jpg…php?afsrc=1&mid=8699524&…jpg
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Looks good
The one i bought is a later model comes with doors at bottom storage compartment and air vents on the lid. The dimension is the same as this (picture)
Is the bottom bit actually enclosed, or is it just a front plate?
I picked this up last year in Costco, mine has door / storage in the bottom section.
I must say I am very pleased with the BBQ, you can use the 2 zones individually (indepedant coal hight) or 1 large zone. Had about 15 BBQ's with last year and can't wait to get it out again this year.

Excellent BBQ
Tried my BBQ yesterday. I have to say its very good, very pleased with the purchase. I lit the coal with an empty catering can that i cut both ends out and used like the Webber BBQ chimney - hot coal in 20 minutes.
My husband was bought one of these for his birthday recently and just adores it.

Only trouble is, it is so large I can't find a cover to go on it, and Brinkman are not replying to my emails...

anyone any idea where I can pick one up please?

Many thanks
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