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Pentax 35mm F2 HD FA Lens - £275 delivered @ Bristol Cameras
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Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Pentax 35mm F2 HD FA Lens - £275 delivered @ Bristol Cameras£275 Free P&P Free
New Pentax 35mm lens plus free HOYA 49mm PRO-1 DIGITAL UV FILTER

Software is the main issue rubbish auto focus miles behind the competition if your shotting mountains that dont move its a great option


More the fact that I understand most are rebranded Tamrons. I imagine they're not up there with Canon L, Sony G etc.


How many lens do you need? Looks like they have quality lens at most focal lengths. Google FA lens.


The Pentax K1 looks great, but the lens lineup puts me off.


Thanks for posting and welcome to htukdeals

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Mirrorless 16MP 4K Camera, Wi-Fi, OLED Viewfinder, Tilt Screen, Body Only - £319 Delivered @ Bristol Cameras
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 Mirrorless 16MP 4K Camera, Wi-Fi, OLED Viewfinder, Tilt Screen, Body Only - £319 Delivered @ Bristol Cameras£319£3499% Free P&P Free
Well reclaimed Mirrorless Lumix G7 Camera - Not a bad price if you don't want the lenses that come with it (seen here in John Lewis) . Comes with Free Extended 2 Year Warranty. … Read more

I'm looking to upgrade from a Lumix G3. I don't really take video, use the camera more for stills. Is the G7 the way to go? Or shall I look at something like the GH4? Unfortunately a G9 is a bit out of my budget range at the moment :-(


Sorry gents, didn't check inbox, for photos I mainly do interior shots and multi fisheye panoramas so I use a samyang 7.5mm and the Lumix 7-14, I also use the Lumix 25mm and the kit 14-45 for video. I am trying not to get myself the g9, trying to resist.


I have a G7, G80 and GH5 (plus a GH2 that I intend being buried with!!) The G7 and G80 are very similar as far as image quality goes, but the G80 has great IBIS and is weather sealed (if you use the right lenses). Three hundred odd quid is a good price for a G7 body, although realistically it's not worth a whole lot more. Lenses will add a few hundred more onto the price (for kit or basic primes) although an alternative would be a cheap adapter (not a Metabones!) and some old legacy lenses.


That is a superb deal. I did consider an import but being my first decent camera I bottled it and bought from John Lewis at the premium. Agree it's a good camera for its price.


The G80/G85 is indeed better with IBIS and weather sealing. Without wishing to crow (!) I bought a new grey import G85 from eGlobal for £270 in November. It's a very capable camera.

Pentax K70 + 18 - 50mm WR + 50 - 200mm WR £599 @ Bristol Cameras
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Posted 13th Dec 2019Posted 13th Dec 2019
Pentax K70 + 18 - 50mm WR + 50 - 200mm WR £599 @ Bristol Cameras£599
While Pentax are not the most popular cameras in the market, they certainly provide incredible value for the price. If you're looking to get into landscape photography, this is a… Read more

I used to own a Pentax K1 if your serious about investing in a brand go elsewhere Pentax are way behind everyone else dont really invest in the brand and are totally ignoring mirrorless which is what I would recommend if your just starting out hard to look past Sony atm.


I wouldn't know much, I've only used Fuji mirrorless cameras I couldn't possibly be much help comparing two DSLRs. For me personally, my money would go to the Pentax without hesitation. The £100 more is worth for the weatherproofing and the IBIS alone. If you're starting in photography the Nikon might be a lot easier to use and have a better interface to practice and learn. If it does, that might be better for you. Watch some reviews and walkthroughs of both cameras, that should steer you in the right direction.


Thanks for the info, Its a hard one... I think it mostly would be landscape photos I'd be taking but I would also like to use it for casual use too! I wonder which one would be the best all rounder? I know the Pentax comes with two lenses which would give me more scope I think? But it's £100 more?


It can be a fantastic DSLR for someone starting in landscape photography. Camera is weatherproof, it has great IQ and some very helpful features to get great landscapes(like pixelshift). For wildlife it won't be so great as one of the main underdeveloped aspects of Pentax cameras is the autofocus. Although the in body stabilisation will help, this camera will struggle with fast moving subjects and scenes like that. If the animals are not moving so fast it might do a good job. I don't have the camera but I have watched and read all kinds of reviews, so take it with a pinch of salt. Still very tempted by the deal but I cannot justify the buy for the little use I give my Fuji XT-2.


In the market for a camera atm, I'm a beginner so was going to just buy a Nikon D5600? I like the idea of Landscape photography and also would like to use it for wildlife as awell. Which one would you chose? Or is there any other recommendations? Thanks :)

Panasonic G9 with Leica 12-60mm lens £1179 @ Bristol cameras
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Posted 1st Dec 2019Posted 1st Dec 2019
Panasonic G9 with Leica 12-60mm lens £1179 @ Bristol cameras£1,179£1,2496%
Black Friday Bundle deal from Bristol Cameras. Cheapest I've seen with the fantastic Leica 12-60 lens, let alone an accessories bundle too. Great camera, great lens! Panasonic Lum… Read more

Bargain! Great lens too.

Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 + 12-60 F3.5-5.6 Lens BUNDLE DEAL £929 @ Bristol cameras
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Posted 1st Dec 2019Posted 1st Dec 2019
Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 + 12-60 F3.5-5.6 Lens BUNDLE DEAL £929 @ Bristol cameras£929
Panasonic Lumix DC-G9 digital camera complete with the Lumix 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 ASPH G Vario zoom lens plus a 16GB Ultrafast SDHC memory card, a spare independent DMW-BLF19E type rec… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Haha you never know unless you try


(lol) (lol) (lol) why link your own eBay listing?

plamar1980 posted deal is super. But if you dont need bag and card (and battery)


What site is this?


Wilkinson! I think is not bad too!

Panasonic Lumix DC-GX9 Body Silver (free 3 year warranty) - £399 delivered @ Bristol Cameras
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Panasonic Lumix DC-GX9 Body Silver (free 3 year warranty) - £399 delivered @ Bristol Cameras£399
Amazing price for this amazing camera. Free 3 year warranty on promotion from Panasonic: If you prefer, … Read more

Ordered black one with John Lewis price matching, thanks for posting


Presumably either Currys, John Lewis, Amazon, Argos, Very, Littlewoods or Jessops or somewhere they price matched. If you want the free 25mm be quick as it’s only those retailers and only if you buy today or tomorrow


Where from? Am interested in this too


That's very good,where? Can you post the deal..?


Just bought GX80 with 12-32 lens and free 25mm lens plus 2 year extra warranty for £304

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Pentax K-70 DSLR with extras (spare battery, camera case, 16GB SD card and screen protector) £369 Bristol Cameras
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
Pentax K-70 DSLR with extras (spare battery, camera case, 16GB SD card and screen protector) £369 Bristol Cameras£369
This is a steal of a deal and comes with extras, I bought mine here last year, excellent service and Pentax Pro dealers meaning 2 year warranty. I'm a landscape photographer and t… Read more
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It depends on which lens holding value, that Sigma 100-300 has a good reputation, isn't that the APO version? The 43 Limited is very valuable and sought after, aboug £350-£400 worth in good condition. The FA 50mm f1.4 would get £130 or so. Times have changed since the K20, the amount of features in the K-70 is mind boggling. I've only started using pixel shift and HDR-DNG (3x RAW files merged in camera) output. The timelapse facilities are excellent, star streaming video, and various additive merging and averaging modes which imitate a big stopper filter. There is a tonne of learning with it.


I scooped that deal, still havent bought a lense yet mind ..whoops


Yes, I bought the old FA 50mm F1.4 actually quite cheap when I got the *istD. Still have that, the 43mm ltd, a huge Sigma 100-300 f4, 28-70 F2.8, 17-35 and loads of other gear in a cupboard along with my P30T, MZ-S (LOOOVED that camera), *istD, K10, K20 and then it stops. Trouble is that second hand values plummeted for Pentax gear so I held onto it in case I came back, which I might one day soon. Will never use the long lenses though - micro 4/3rds much better for that but full frame better for portraiture and landscapes I think.


Yes like nearly all Pentax bodies it is weather sealed and it works. I've had it at -15°C below up the mountains all day and it didn't miss a beat. My first K-30 got destroyed by water but Pentax gave me a new one completely free out of warranty period. They said it was a QC issue around the LCD screen so they replaced it. You should use Pentax Weather Resistant (WR) or All Weather (AW) lenses along with it though.


No I don't find that at all. The above is a big discount and I bought other camera gear for a massive discount plus gog valuable free items along with it too. It depends what you want and knowing who does the best deal in photography which is rarely Amazon unless they make a pricing mistake. I only bought an SD card from Amazon, photography gear from photography shops. ;)

Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Di III RXD Lens Sony FE £699 + free £39 Sigma UV filter @ Bristol Cameras
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Posted 11th Jan 2019Posted 11th Jan 2019
Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Di III RXD Lens Sony FE £699 + free £39 Sigma UV filter @ Bristol Cameras£699
Cheapest I've seen since the ebay 15% deals for this excellent general purpose fast F2.8 standard zoom for Sony full frame. You get one of Sigma's top quality UV filters ( £45 0n A… Read more

Haha, you're a joker.


It's up to you. But if you want maximum image quality from your lens, remove the UV filter or any other unnecessary filters, when taking the shot. In relative terms, the £39 UV is cheap and so is the £699 lens that's being featured. They aren't high end products.


that has the same filter so its 'free' there as well - if you click the savings tab on the deal link it takes you to the 695 - bit odd ofc!


a 40-50quid filter isn't 'cheap glass' for the task it does there are 15 bits of glass inside the lens and they are more specialised averaging 46quid per element - cheap glass!


Of course it has an effect on picture quality. Also possible introduction of lens flare. Why put cheap "glass" on more expensive glass?

Sony a7II Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera (Body only) for £1059 (£759 after Sony cashback) at Bristol Cameras
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Posted 7th Nov 2018Posted 7th Nov 2018
Sony a7II Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera (Body only) for £1059 (£759 after Sony cashback) at Bristol Cameras£1,059£1,19912%
Sony are offering cashback on a range on cameras and lenses until 31st January. The camera with the most cashback is the Sony a7II with cashback of £300. I know this is a slightly … Read more

Yeah most definitely, I am thinking of upgrading to the GH5s in the new year if the Lumix S1 ends up getting released, as much as I love the GH5, the GH5s is the king of videography right now once you start using speedboosters (which I already do). Such a fantastic annoyance to have, because either way you end up with a superb camera!


Thanks for pointing this out. I have had my reservations about the Panasonic AF system, if it wasn't a flawed system, I'd have snatched up a GH5s by now as it's the one to beat on everything else


You need good autofocus then, in that case don't go with Panasonic at this point in time, even though I personally use a GH5 I can't recommend them for anyone who needs tip top autofocus. Sony won't be beaten on that front.


Also looking for something to both take quality pictures and 4k video. Next years models look quite interesting.



Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80 + 12-60 Lens 16GB Deal £699 @ Bristol Cameras (£150 cashback = £549 for 4k mirrorless and decent lens)
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Posted 24th Aug 2018Posted 24th Aug 2018
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80 + 12-60 Lens 16GB Deal £699 @ Bristol Cameras (£150 cashback = £549 for 4k mirrorless and decent lens)£699
Content Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80 + 12-60 Lens 16GB Deal consists of Panasonic Lumix DMC-G80 + 12-60 Lens : £729.00 (Inc VAT) 16GB SDHC Memory Car… Read more

Cool thanks. Filled in the claim and when they reply to me I'll buy with them.


Online. You submit a claim through the website. They got back to me in 24 hours.


Did you do that in store or online?


Just FYI, I got John Lewis to price match this, and they offer a 2-year warranty.


not sure tbh the 12-60 certainly reviews better in terms of sharpness and has the bigger range of focal lengths but again its a size/feature tradeoff thing

Sony Alpha A6300 Digital Camera Body - £679 / £479 (with cashback) @ Bristol Cameras
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Posted 2nd Jul 2018Posted 2nd Jul 2018
Sony Alpha A6300 Digital Camera Body - £679 / £479 (with cashback) @ Bristol Cameras£679
24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor with copper wiring Bionz X image processor 4D autofocus system - lock on focus in as little as 0.05 seconds 425 phase-detection AF points - the … Read more



What an Idiot.


link to the deal def works never said the deal itself worked any more - was fixed this morning


Links no longer working but thanks anyhow.


was a glitchy offer last night - went 2000+ heat will edit in a min edit: edit: crazy this deal is not hotter!

Sony Alpha A7 II Full Frame Digital Camera + FE28-70 Lens £1039 (with cashback) @ Bristol Cameras
-78° Expired
Posted 11th May 2018Posted 11th May 2018
Sony Alpha A7 II Full Frame Digital Camera + FE28-70 Lens £1039 (with cashback) @ Bristol Cameras£1,239£1,39911%
24 megapixels Bionz X processor 5-axis Image stabilization FAST Hybrid AF Full frame Ideal for movie making with Pro-quality XAVC S format Wireless Transfer 3" TFT LCD disp… Read more

I have and will be sticking with the a7ii but if I had unlimited cash or was buying my first a7 I’d definitely go for the a7iii Cracking profile name by the way


They're the only differences, pay the extra if you want, I'm trying to save you some money, that's what this site's about, isn't it?


What and that’s it is it? Maybe you know better than DPReview and every other reviewer then. Maybe you should be the professional reviewers as you are the worlds most knowledgable.


Touchscreen, 0.8 DR increase, ISO speeds and Bluetooth? Don't fink so...


Thanks for the tip, worked a treat (highfive)

Sony A6000 Body only £325 delivered after cashback / £375 before cashback @ Bristol Cameras
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Posted 4th Jan 2018Posted 4th Jan 2018
Sony A6000 Body only £325 delivered after cashback / £375 before cashback @ Bristol Cameras£375
Standard price elsewhere seems to be 399.99 (349.99 after cashback). Bundles with lenses aren't looking quite as attractive at the moment.

Brilliant camera. I have one and it's incredibly powerful.


Same price here..


How long does the cashback usually take? Been waiting over a week now?


oh and ps. i dont think the deal is that great its perhaps the cheapest atm but that doesn't automatically make it a good deal



DJI Mavic Pro Drone Fly More Combo + Maplin price match if yu want it today - £999 @ Bristol Cameras
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
DJI Mavic Pro Drone Fly More Combo + Maplin price match if yu want it today - £999 @ Bristol Cameras£999£1,0999%
Found this place to do the Fly more bundle. Thought I would chance my arm at the local Maplin with a price match and it was accepted as this shop has a high Street outlet as well … Read more

Another one who likes to hear their own keyboard tapping. Think before you type (probably do it when you speak as well judging by your comment)


Bristol Cameras go up to 1199 now , lucky me :) and som of u :)thank once again!


I have from maplin just now for £ 999 , thanx !!!


John Lewis in Sheffield just price matched as well, they only had 2 combo units in the shop.


They did. If you bothered to read my post rather than making some unfounded statement just to hear your own voice and increase your post count, you woud have noticed that. I bought one from the Maplin store on this basis. Receipt attached.

VG-C2EM for A7II/A7SII/A7RII £215 (£135 after cashback) @ Bristol Cameras
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Posted 6th Nov 2017Posted 6th Nov 2017
VG-C2EM for A7II/A7SII/A7RII £215 (£135 after cashback) @ Bristol Cameras£215
As cheap as you'll find from anywhere, with a further £80 Sony cash back, taking down to £135. eBuyer are also showing at £215, but they're not an authorised Sony retailer, so you… Read more

Oh yeah sorry, did't see the small print on my phone.


£169 is taking into account the cash back (it says you pay £249 today, £189 after cash back)


Park Cameras are doing this for £169 + cashback but no stock until 11th Nov, prob worth giving a call if interested to verify.


Well there's the £200 cashback page ... And a seller on Ebay for £965.. Suppose to get cashback might have to buy from a Dealership.


How do you do sony cashback?

Sony A6000 digital camera Body Silver @ Bristol Cameras £389 + cashback £100 = £289
297° Expired
Posted 18th Aug 2017Posted 18th Aug 2017
Sony A6000 digital camera Body Silver @ Bristol Cameras £389 + cashback £100 = £289£389
Following on from earlier deal @£449 before cashback, this is either cheaper than Park Cameras at £389 before cashback. Black colour now out of stock. Sony pay cashback from this r… Read more

everyone who took advantage of this deal should have been able to - was ages ago


Anyone managed to claim £100 yet ?


Yeah thanks


I think Sony doubled the cashback hence the confusion:


I did check them? Cash back details are as follows a new Sony Alpha A6000 (body or lens kit) - £50 cash back

Panasonic FZ1000 Digital Camera - (£509 with cashback) @ Bristol Cameras
-25° Expired
Posted 9th Aug 2017Posted 9th Aug 2017
Panasonic FZ1000 Digital Camera - (£509 with cashback) @ Bristol Cameras£559
Superzoom compact with 4K video recording 16x Optical Zoom with 25mm ultra-wide angle Focal length: 25-400mm in 35mm terms 5-axis Hybrid O.I.S system 1-inch 20.1 MP high… Read more

Looks like the Wex offer has changed now. I don't see the card+tripod offer any more. :-(


Thanks for posting the wex offer ! indeed it looks like a great camera for hobbyist people like me!


Don't know why this went so cold. It's a good deal on a large sensor bridge camera with very good Leica long zoom lens. 4K video is pretty decent as well. One of the best bridge cameras around. An alternative has since come up at Wex - pay £10 more and get a tripod and SD card thrown in:

Sony Alpha ILCE-6000 + 16-50 Lens Black 16GB Deal £530 / £450 after cashback @ Bristol Cameras
49° Expired
Posted 30th Jun 2017Posted 30th Jun 2017
Sony Alpha ILCE-6000 + 16-50 Lens Black 16GB Deal £530 / £450 after cashback @ Bristol Cameras£450
sony a6000 a great camera to have
Get deal*Get deal*

I've enjoyed the kit lens, like has been said, nice bit of flexibility from it. i've also picked up a manual mieke f1.8 as a prime. yes it's not amazing but offers something a bit different. hopefully soon i'll be able to pick up a zoom lens, but think i'll need to splash the cash on that one. if anyone has any budget lens suggestions on this would be very happy to receive. thanks


Just bought one of these from very for £469 was emailed a 20% of voucher so should bring it down to £410 with the cashback seems like a good deal with all the reviews, Can't afford a much better lens yet but will see how the kit lens works out for me.


Yep you get what you pay for.


Pay more get more... Well I never! 18-105 is huge in comparison to the kit Know what you want and are getting and everyone will be happy


They are all more expensive, that is the point. The A6000 is a great camera but the kit lens is not. If you had planned to get a better lens anyway, why not save £110 and put it towards something better, the Sony 18-105 f4 will cover a greater range and the image quality is really good.

Panasonic Lumix G7 just £369 @ Bristol Cameras 4K Micro 4/3s
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Posted 21st May 2017Posted 21st May 2017
Panasonic Lumix G7 just £369 @ Bristol Cameras 4K Micro 4/3s£369
Seems the cheapest be some distance for this camera. Page says only 2 available at this price. UK Stock not import. Specs for camera here… Read more

Bought one at the offer price, looks like an open box where the kit lens was removed, the body is brand new and registered okay wth Panasonic for the 5 year warranty. I already have a G6 with several MFT lenses so this was a great deal for me.


£389 now


Yes kit lenses are often good value for money. You will often find them on ebay because people like me by them when the camera + kit lens cost little more (and in rare cases even less) than the bare body. This is a good deal, but bear in mind that panasonic often do summer cashback (and double cashback) deals which imo are well worth waiting for. But who knows??


Right. So how come you can't comprehend a body-only purchase? It's very common on most desirable cameras. No worries if not - but you'd hopefully grasp that the price with bundled lenses would be significantly higher.


I don't know why I need to 'ask myself' anything, what I wrote is perfectly clear to me, I'm really not interested in whether anyone else understands it or not. I was talking about lens sharing FWIW

Olympus OM-D E-M10 MKII £329 after Olympus Cashback (£389 upfront) @ Bristol Cameras
255° Expired
Posted 20th May 2017Posted 20th May 2017
Olympus OM-D E-M10 MKII £329 after Olympus Cashback (£389 upfront) @ Bristol Cameras£329
Since my previous deal from Amazon ended most of the retailers have this at RRP with the the £60 cashback from Olympus. Bristol Cameras have dropped it to £389 so £329 after cashba… Read more



I've had this camera since Christmas and really love it. The customisation is excellent. While the pancake lens that came with it produces very solid results, the zoom (40-150mm) lens I got in a kit is superb. The only niggle I've had is that the touchscreen focus point feature while using the viewfinder can't be permanently switched off without switching off the touchscreen functionality entirely. This might not be a problem for you, but if like me you prefer to use your left eye with the viewfinder, you'll find your nose constantly changing the focus point which is maddening. No biggie, but worth considering if you're a left-eye viewfinder user and you think the touchscreen might be the clincher.


These are really nice, I've got the mark I version and when I have the funds I'll probably get one of these and sell the old one. Shame I can't get one right now as this is a good price


I like mine but I bought it because I wanted something small and pocketable. Image quality is very good but the menu and all available options is very complex. I still haven't got my head round that. Have a look at Wirecutter's website (above) for an in-depth review. Good range of lenses available too as you can use Zuiko or Panasonics.


Best midrange mirrorless camera according to review here "it not only takes great pictures; it focuses faster than any other camera we tested, locking onto subjects almost instantly with none of the wobble or focus hunting we often see in mirrorless cameras". There's a review and comparison here: - It's also worth looking at the Fuji X-T10, it's very well made, has an excellent choice of lenses, APS-C size sensor, hi res EVF and lots of well placed manual controls.