Brita Fjord XL Water Filter Jug + Cartridge - just £4.49 @ Amazon (1/2 price, In stock) !
Brita Fjord XL Water Filter Jug + Cartridge - just £4.49 @ Amazon (1/2 price, In stock) !

Brita Fjord XL Water Filter Jug + Cartridge - just £4.49 @ Amazon (1/2 price, In stock) !

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Brita Fjord XL Water Filter Jug - just £4.49 @ Amazon (1/2 price) ! Free delivery on orders over £15.

* Now back in stock *

Description : BRITA Fjord XL white water filter jug. Tap water in the UK is perfectly safe. However, it doesn't always taste, look or smell as pleasant as we'd like, and the effect can be noticeable not only in drinking water but in hot drinks and food cooked in water.

BRITA water filter products use a mixture of carbon and ion exchange resin to remove hardness, chlorine, heavy metals such as lead and copper, and other organic impurities to improve the taste, smell and appearance of cold and hot drinks. The Fjord water filter jug uses the BRITA Maxtra cartridge for 20% better limescale reduction. With a larger capacity suitable for families or regular use, Fjord XL features 'Memo', the electronic cartridge exchange indicator to remind users when to change the cartridge. It holds 2 litres filtered water, or 3.3 litres in total. It is scratch resistant and dishwasher safe (excluding lid.)


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Product Features :
[*]Large Capacity Water Filter Jug
[*]3.3 litre total capacity
[*]2.0 litre filtered capacity
[*]Soft grip handle & non-slip base
[*]Dishwasher safe (excluding lid)
[*]Designed for use with Maxtra
[*]Colour: White[/LIST]

This is so cheap as you normally get a cartridge included with their filter jugs:thumbsup:

Excellent price. However, comes to £10.38 with delivery.

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Thanks guys


Excellent price. However, comes to £10.38 with delivery.

You get Free delivery on orders over £15. Not worth spending £6 on delivery charge

Anyone know how often the cartridge has to be replaced ?


recommended approx every 4 weeks. reality depends how often you are using it.

Does the filter in any way indicate that it needs to be changed?

Yes it has a timer on it that counts down, I have already but at this price will order another.

My wife and I received one of these as a wedding present - If you live in a hardwater area, they are fantastic. The cartridge has so far lasted 1 week, but the water is really clean and tastes good. EDIT : Forgot to say that it has an LCD display showing how long the cartridge has left. Fits in a fridge door too!

I believe that we requested ours at Debenhams, where it cost £25, so this is a real bargain!

£14.99 for me?

cold 14.99

now £14.99 from a marketplace seller *expired*

Let's hope Amazon get some more cause that is a bargain

This bargain has now expired...but fortunately for me I managed to grab 2 of these for my mom soon after this was posted! Cheers!

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now back in stock


now back in stock

Thanks, I missed this first time around but have ordered this with a three pack of extra filters for £14.96 delivered. :thumbsup:
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