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Posted 29 January 2023

BRITA Flow XXL fridge water filter tank for reduction of chlorine, limescale and impurities, 8.2 Litre -Blue - £29.99 @ Amazon

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Product details
Capacity8.2 litres
Included components1
Product dimensions21.4L x 30.4W x 22H centimetres
Stylish, large design, perfect for fridge shelf or countertop - 8.2L total and 5.2L filtered water capacity
Fresh tasting water without plastic bottle waste for just a few pence per litre
Convenient tap and sliding lid for easy refilling and cleaning
Micro Carbon Pearls reduce chlorine and organic impurities improving taste and odour of food and drink
Ion Exchange Pearls permanently absorb metals and reduce limescale protecting appliances against scale build up
Features electronic 'memo' cartridge replacement reminder
Includes 1 x MAXTRA+ filter cartridges, which last 4 weeks and are recyclable
30 day money back guarantee and free replacement parts service
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. neekaphillips's avatar
    We have one of these in our fridge, tend to fill it a few times a day but it's never leaked on us, just does exactly what ot says on the tin. Worth it. (Household of 8 here) (edited)
    Toblet's avatar
    We found ours to be amazing only stopped using it as we have an American fridge with a filtered water dispenser.
  2. polarbaba's avatar
    Won't do the heavy metals like fluoride

    You'll need a RO system or a zero water for that
    Tatwamasi's avatar
    Good news for teeth.
  3. timn1993's avatar
    How long do the filters last in this? Or the indicator at least?
    Tatwamasi's avatar
    The indicator doesn't do anything but measure time. If you filter no water at all, it'll still tell you to replace it after it's hit the time limit it has been set by Brita to monitor. (edited)
  4. Ozzyman23's avatar
    Brilliant thing, this. We went from barely finishing a cup of tea in our house to multiple delicious cups a day - even family have commented on how tasty our tea is (but we haven't shared our little secret)
    schmoog's avatar
    Be sure to routinely hit your kettle with a few tablespoons of bog standard white vinegar as well. It dissolves all the limescale off - which the Brita prevents but it still tends to crop up around the time any one filter is running out. I don't really follow the LED screen on the jug, just switch it out when I can see the metal base is getting 'crispy'.
  5. MattCoke4's avatar
    Waste of time, invest in a 6 stage reverse osmosis system.
    miketg89's avatar
  6. KTy's avatar
    Use one of these to pre filter the water for the espresso machine tank
  7. mark_emm's avatar
    Great deal
  8. Noctu's avatar
    We have this too, highly recommended. We did have to take a shelf out of the fridge to accommodate it though
  9. Colin432's avatar
    Do glass ones exist?
  10. aliarchersmith's avatar
    Great item we have it makes us actually drink water as we fill our sports bottles up in morning then again at night 2 litres a day sorted no hassle apart from only me filling it up! 😔
  11. mattk's avatar
    It's up to £34.75 now
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