Brita Marella Cool Blue Water Filter Jug £9.99 Instore
Brita Marella Cool Blue Water Filter Jug £9.99 Instore

Brita Marella Cool Blue Water Filter Jug £9.99 Instore

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Help eliminate these plus pesticides and limescale in water for drinking, cooking and filling the kettle with a Brita Marella Cool Water Filtration Jug. The result is cleaner, clearer, great tasting water for hot and cold drinks and delicious food and less scale buildup in appliances.


# 2.4 Litre capacity
# Electronic indicator to ensure you change the cartridge every four weeks
# Convenient flip top lid
# Fine mesh filter retains particles
# Ion exchange filtration reduces limescale (carbonate hardness), aluminium and certain heavy metals
# Activated carbon filtration significantly reduces substances that affect smell and taste like chlorine
# Dishwasher safe (excluding the lid)

Seems to be £14.99 Everywhere else.


These come on offer in Robert Dyas once in a while.

I bought a similar jug with 4 filters for £9.99 (in store).

Dont think these have any filters included.... are they?

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Yes it comes with one filter.


Yes it comes with one filter.

Thanks mate for confirming ... appreciate it ...

Same again.. why do people bother with these? Its cheaper and better to get a tap filter surely?

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Whats a tap filter?

Is it easier?

An example below. There are many different manufacturers & types of water filters.


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Only had a quick glance, but £349.99 for the tap and then £29.99 per filter?

Do you have to plumb the tap in as well?

I wouldn't class it as either easier or cheaper?
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