Brita Marella Cool White Jug Was £16.50 Now £8.25 @ Tesco

Brita Marella Cool White Jug Was £16.50 Now £8.25 @ Tesco

Found 16th May 2011

Cleaner, clearer great tasting BRITA filtered water.

MAXTRA Technology with natural MicroporeFilter and powerful ProtectFilter.

Reduces chlorine and limescale for a great natural taste.

Permanently absorbs metals such as lead, copper and aluminium.

Unique FlowControl ensures the perfect filtration time for best results.

Exchange cartridge once a month for optimum performance.

Designed to fit in fridge door.

Dishwasher safe (excluding lid).

Clever: Electronic memo reminds you to replace your filter cartridge once a month.

Easy: flip top lid.

Great tasting, fresh BRITA filtered water.

Economic and convenient.

Prolongs domestic appliance life by preventing limescale build up.

Ideal for cooking healthy food.

Full flavour and better tasting tea and coffee.


If no luck with your local Tesco then Amazon has them the same price delivered.

The amazon shipped one at £8.25 is now out of stock - expected to be back in stock within 2-4 weeks.

Its crazy that everywhere else on the internet sells this jug for £10+, some as much as £20!!
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