Brita Marella Maxtra XL White Water Filter(1 Maxtra+ filter included) 3.5L Reduced to £9.99 @ Sainsbury's

Brita Marella Maxtra XL White Water Filter(1 Maxtra+ filter included) 3.5L Reduced to £9.99 @ Sainsbury's

Found 15th Apr
Marella XL Water Filter Jug White

New MAXTRA+ with 25% finer mesh for better reduction of coarse particles

New Micro Carbon Pearls reduce chlorine and organic impurities which affect taste and odour of food and drink

Ion Exchange Pearls reduce limescale, enhancing flavour and aroma of tea and coffee

Protects kettles and coffee machines from limescale build-up and damage and permanently absorbs metals such as lead and copper

Large, countertop design with larger 2.4L filtered water capacity, 3.5L total capacity and dishwasher safe (except lid)

Flip top lid for easy refilling

Electronic 'memo' reminder notifies you when to replace filter cartridge

Includes MAXTRA+ filter cartridge which lasts approximately one month and is 100% recyclable

30 day money back guarantee and free replacement parts service

The Marella XL jug comes in a wide variety of colours including

limited edition designs and also in this larger capacity, ideal for

larger households.
Featuring new MAXTRA+ filter with MicroFlow

technology, impurities from tap water are reduced to leave great-tasting

water for drinking, brewing tea and coffee and preparing meals. The

Marella XL jug is a larger capacity, cost-efficient and environmentally

friendly alternative to transporting and storing plastic bottled water

at home.
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Have some heat.i Got one yesterday in Colchester tollgate but they only had about 10 late afternoon time
Edited by: "baker19811" 15th Apr
I bought the same last night, £12.75 the cheapest on Amazon
Had one of these for the month after buying it for £8 from tesco.
water tastes a lot better now
I’ve tested these filters they are completely useless. They do not improve purity ur better buying bottled water than waste it on these. If ur serious about water purification get a Berkey
These are just to make you buy filters/cartridges. Like cheap inkjet printers, flog them cheap as the money-making part for them is only in selling the refills which cost a bomb, just like these cartridges.

We got two Brita filters with cartridges 'free' at Dyas some years back as a promotion if you spent x-amount in store. Never used them, still in their boxes.
Reminds me, I must flog them on the 'bay.
What.... I just bought one for £10.50 from Tesco... thought it was a bargain till I saw this... damm!
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