Brita Marella - Water Filter Jug Red £8 at Morrisons

Brita Marella - Water Filter Jug Red £8 at Morrisons

Found 4th Oct 2011

I have bought Marella Brita Water filter for £ 8 last night in Leyland store. This red water filter was £22.50 ( even the Pink one they are selling for £22.50). It has scanned as £8 only.

This filter is coming with one Maxtra filter. It is designed to fit in Fridge, Dish washer safe ( Exclude the Lid). Volume is 2.4 l

The cheapest i found on internet was £ 13.58 on Amazon website.
That is 59% higher price than Morrisons.

I don't know whether it is store specific or through out nation. If you can't find the deal in your local Morrisons just ask manager.


good deal


Brilliant price

priced as £22.50 or as £8?


Was in Morrisons today - they had RRP listed as £10...

Original Poster


priced as £22.50 or as £8?

There is a big pallet of these priced as £8 in Leyland Morrisons. Next to that Pallet on normal shelf that priced as £22.50 ( I was in Morrisons on Monday 03/10/2011 though)

Good price but the filters cost more....I've been using the same filter for 3 years now, its like drinking from a glory hole!

i love this one...
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