Britax DUALFIX was £355 now £284 at Halfords

Britax DUALFIX was £355 now £284 at Halfords

Found 3rd Aug 2015
Quidco also
20% Discount Code - B16CS01
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Have been looking at the next stage car seat & cannot find this seat any cheaper elsewhere

Britax DUALFIX Black Thunder Car Seat

The Britax DUALFIX Black Thunder Car Seat with its 360 degree rotation system makes placing your child in the car seat so much easier. Once your child is old enough you can change from rearward to forward facing at the touch of a button. It includes all the safety features you’d expect from Britax like ISOFIX and a one-pull adjustment 5-point safety harness. Just what's needed for your precious little one.
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£340 - Blue
£350 - Dark Grape
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is this still on offer?
brilliant car seat, my little man has been using his for just over a year now
Hot just for the 20% discount code!

I am not a fan of dual fix because it is really small and tight. We tried it when our son was 2yrs and he could fit just just, so I could not see any future use of this car seat. We got Max-fix II instead which is much more spacious. Being 3yrs old now still can sit comfortably in it.

Now I bought another Max-fix II for £199.72 using the Halfords vouchers so thanks!

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doesn't score very well in the which results.
anyone know how long the discount code lasts for? is it for anything on Halfords?

doesn't score very well in the which results.

I take your comment on board but the poor review is related to the seat being used from birth & that the straps weren't tight enough to restrain a newborn.

See review:-

The Britax DualFix car seat is an Isofix-only Group 0+ and Group 1 car seat suitable to be used from birth up until your child is around 18kg. It features a unique 360-degree rotation, which makes getting your child into the seat and changing from rearward to forward facing simple. We reveal our crash test results for this seat below.

The Britax DualFix car seat has passed the regulatory tests required by the ECE R44/04 standard to be sold as suitable for children from birth to 18kg, and in our own more rigorous tests it achieved a good overall safety rating.

However, the harness on the DualFix could not be secured tightly enough on our newborn test dummy - there was too much slack and our experts believe there is a small risk that a wriggly newborn could free themselves from the shoulder straps of the harness. For a safety issue like this we limit the total score overall to 20%, which means the seat drops below our Don't Buy threshold of 40%.

If you already own this seat, we do not feel you need to replace it if you are using it with an older child, and the harness fits tightly enough, but we would recommend you consider using a different seat, or an infant carrier, with a small newborn.

Britax says it 'respectfully disagrees with the observational test approach and its impact on the overall safety score for the seat and would like to reassure the concerned parents that we firmly stand by our product Dualfix.'

Please read the full statement from Britax in response on the Customer Views tab for this review.
What is it?

The Britax DualFix car seat is a Group 0+ and Group 1 car seat, which, as the name suggests, can be used in two ways. It features a 360-degree rotational Isofix base, which means it can be used as a rearward facing car seat from birth - parents then have the choice to keep their child rearward facing for longer, up until the child reaches 18kg in weight, or swivel the seat so that it's forward facing.

This car seat uses a support leg that rests on the car floor - this may not be suitable for cars with under-floor storage. Check the Britax website for compatibility with your car.
How safe is it?

In our crash tests - where we ensure the car seat is installed correctly - the Britax gets a good four-star overall safety rating.

In rearward facing mode, it gets an impressive five stars for front-impact crashes and a satisfactory three-star rating for side-impact crashes, and an overall score of 68%. When turned forward facing, it achieves a good four-star rating for front-impact crashes and the same satisfactory three-star rating for side-impact crashes, with an overall score, in this format, of 72%.

However, our car seat testing looks at the worst-case scenario, and because our experts found that the harness on this seat cannot be tightened enough around a newborn baby - there is slack in the harness - they believe there is a chance a wriggly newborn could free its shoulders from the harness. As this is a safety issue, we have no choice but to downgrade the overall test result for this car seat, which means it cannot get a total test score higher than 20%. This makes it a Don't Buy due to the harness issue.
Is it easy to fit the seat?

Yes. There's very little danger of installing this seat incorrectly, and the seat can be firmly secured to the seat of the vehicle via the Isofix connectors. Coloured guides help the process.

The instructions and warnings are easy to understand and the installation is quick and easy.

The seat is heavy though and, like most extended rear-facing car seats, it will take up a bit more room in your car.
Is the seat comfortable?

Yes, the seat has good padding, although our experts thought the leg support wasn't as comfortable as it could be. The seat position is slightly more upright than other car seats, and the child's view is somewhat limited from the seat, but the headrest height is easy to adjust. The five-point harness is adjusted by a strap, and the seat has three recline positions.
Is there anything else I should know?

This car seat cannot be used as part of a travel system.

The seat covers are machine washable and easy to remove, and the finish of the car seat is of excellent quality.

These results are from our 2014 tests.

In 2011, we changed the car body we use for testing to more accurately reflect the current typical family car seatbelt layout and design. We carried out some repeat testing to ensure that previous tests shown online are broadly comparable to the current ones. However, such a significant change means we can't make absolute comparisons between seats tested before and after this change.
Should I buy it?

This isn't a straightforward answer. The crash protection this seat offers is good overall, so if you are using this car seat with an older baby, and not a newborn, it offers good protection, with the added benefit of being able to keep your child in the safer, rearward-facing position for longer.

However, as our lab experts have deducted points for the harness, because it cannot be pulled tight enough on the dummy representing a newborn baby, we cannot recommend using it from birth.

Please remember that not all car seats fit in all cars. We recommend that you check how well this car seat fits in all the cars you will use before you buy it.

Pros: Good overall crash test results, easy to install, extended rear facing

Cons: Harness will not tighten enough on a newborn, heavy, takes up a lot of space in car
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