Britax Evolva 1 2 3 £39 @ Asda - Colne

Britax Evolva 1 2 3 £39 @ Asda - Colne

LocalFound 27th Apr 2016
Britax Evolva 1 2 3 car seat can be bought online for around £99 altho direct with Britax this sells at £140. This was reduced in store at Asda in Colne, not sure if it's a local deal or nationwide but I did get the last one they had in store. Perhaps looking in your local Asda stores.
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is this an isofix seat?

is this an isofix seat?

great deal, found one in my local asda, have some heat
btw, its not the latest model, the latest model is Romer retailing at £79.99 at Amazon, however this car seat has been lowest around £60 in Amazon, still at £39 is a bargain[img]…png?force=1&desired=true&legend=0&ilt=1&tp=all&zero=0&fo=1&h=286&w=588〈=en[/img]
Which adds was this found in?
* Which asda?
Haha, reread and found it
reduced to this price in Belfast Asda but none left
bought this in full price in ASAD last week, £65.
I bought for £65 in recent baby event. Gutted they've reduced it further altho not sure if my local store has any.
for stages 0,1 I would suggest doing some research into rear facing car seat safety vs forward facing. But this is still a good deal for stages 2,3 if you have an old car without isofix.
It's a very good car seat. Apart from that I don't know if it's only in mine but my 4 year old son can unclippes it on his own
This is a very good seat. We paid over double this in the past.

Very easy to use too. Heat

Still full price in our local, shame as they are good seats.
I have a plus version of it for my 3.5 year old. The build is really good, but you really need to read instructions to install it and set it to the correct height of your child. Instructions are essential.
I've got the same seat and my lad used to unclip his self too he's got older now nearly 6 he doesn't ! Plus I use the seat in the front so I've got a better eye on him lol
3 left in asda Harlow (after I purchased two)
2 in Bournemouth (St Pauls) if anyone's looking
we have 2, one for both cars. I do not recommend it to use under 18kg (stage1), but for a stage 2 and 3 seat it is perfect. Mine is not iso fix, you use the seat belt to strap the child with the seat in.
None in any Cardiff, Llantrisant or Caerphilly stores, but 2 in Newport (Wales). Good luck.
Bought a couple in the ASDA Rugby store, it said £65 on the shelf but was £39 at the checkout.
I just picked one up from Warrington Cockhedge Centre, there was one left on the shelf.
Picked one up today in rawreth store, fab deal
Also a nice surprise is that it was the latest 'romer' version, even happier!
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