Unfortunately, this deal has expired 10 June 2023.
Posted 13 May 2023

British Airways Return Flight to New York JFK from Gatwick 8th to 13th Nov £312.27 @ British Airways

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Economy flights, excludes hold luggage

2 carry on bags pp allowed

Other dates in November are available for a similar price.. it's also possible to fly from Heathrow and back from Newark if preferred

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  1. Tanuki334's avatar
    ground transport from to LGW not cheap...
    whiterider1's avatar
    From the centre of london it’s not much more than Heathrow, just get a Thameslink only train ticket, arguably Gatwick is way better connected for onward travel too. Of course if you’re talking taxis then the price will jump up. 
  2. SoCal's avatar
    BA used to be really strong from Manchester, doubt that we will see prices like that from there.
    craigdm's avatar
    We paid less than £800 for two returns Manchester to NYC for next month. Included all extras such as seat reservations.
    Okay it's with Aer Lingus, but they are owned by BA.
  3. kknight01's avatar
    Sod economy, go business there and premium back for just over 1k
    antsgame's avatar
    Save the money and spend it there.
  4. Toneluck's avatar
    Can you travel to the US if you have been charged with possession of marijuana in the past? Asking for a friend
    pingusdead's avatar
    pingusdead Author
    I've known of 2 instances where people haven't declared historic cannabis possession charges on their ESTA application...and there hasn't been a problem. Just saying, don't hold me to it!
  5. tom6195's avatar
    Why are all the cheap nyc flights coming out of Gatwick
    ledigi's avatar
    Because it's cheaper for the airline to fly from Gatwick rather than Heathrow (edited)
  6. Rollypolly's avatar
    Train tickets from manchester to gatwick cost more than the flight itself. Joke (edited)
    Ragedragon84's avatar
    Just shows what an utter joke the UK's rail network is. Don't even need to compare it to flights, just compare it to the prices in Italy/Germany etc.
  7. joebrett2010's avatar
    what is premium economy like?
    boble's avatar
    Better than economy, however, the higher price is disproportionate to benefit. Not good value.
  8. Cyrus_Rocks's avatar
    In my days, all long haul flights had free luggage allowance. Now days your lucky to get any food or drink with the ticket.
    wilburscoville9191's avatar
    Yes, but I bet the tickets generally cost more back then.
  9. Londonleo's avatar
    Awesome. Booked for a month to visit family. Cheapest I’ve seen since pre-covid
  10. Griffinpark1982's avatar
    The prices of flights will rocket once the exchange rate gets above $1.50 to a pound. At the moment it will feel really expensive, I remember going when exchange rates were around $1.7 to a pound and it wasn't cheap then!
    craigdm's avatar
    Strange comment; majority of the cost of flying is hedged to the $. If the exchange rate rises as you suggest, flying will get cheaper in £s
  11. Gage84's avatar
    Is New York worth visiting in November?
    midnightblade's avatar
    i did new york/niagara in november a few yrs ago as a birthday treat to myself, it was cold with snow, average temp -2 to 4 degrees,personally wouldnt choose to visit again during winter
  12. duncanb1973's avatar
    Sadly not fan of BA (Bloody awfull), gave up on them years ago
    Toneluck's avatar
    I've only used them once, one of the best flights I've ever had... but then I am used to budget airlines
  13. TerrenceTrav's avatar
    looking at australia flights in August (their winter) and they're 250% more expensive than pre-covid levels. Any reason for that? other than fuel costs and recuping losses.
    gifted2002uk's avatar
    Trust me I am looking for a cheap flight for my daughter and I for Aug and the flights are all 1500 or more for both make me want to cry lol 
  14. deleted2800374's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Adult 1
    £311.27Additional Charges (Adult)
    Air Passenger Duty - United Kingdom£87.00
    Passenger Service Charge - United Kingdom£18.77
    Passenger Civil Aviation Security Service Fee - USA£4.50
    International Transportation Tax - USA£16.80
    International Transportation Tax - USA£16.80
    Animal & Plant Health User Fee (Aphis) - USA£3.00
    Immigration User Fee - USA£5.60
    Customs User Fee - USA£5.20
    Passenger Facility Charge -£3.60
    Carrier imposed charge£150.00
  15. sunnyjimbo84's avatar
    Cracking deal, last few flights long haul wise on BA if you get a decent premium flight economy sometimes you get a decent upgrade deal to business through the manage my booking. Saved us about 5k last time on flights to Vancouver for business on the return!
  16. Riyaad12's avatar
    🐘 in room, cold ❄ in November.
    TheHoss's avatar
    Thanks captain obvious
  17. Bailey1808's avatar
    legend was planning to visit partner in new Jersey in November for birthday just hadn't got around to looking at the flight it's nearly half what I normally pay absolute lifesaver
  18. Felix_1's avatar
    November now that’s too much of planing. I need to go next month.
    Loveabargain99's avatar
    Me too...I like to get up and go
  19. Tanuki334's avatar
    Basically same price to go to Europe
  20. happenstance's avatar
    I paid this to go to Italy from gatwick this summer lol
    orlovekat's avatar
    Have a holiday, could have an all inclusive for £300 per person including flights
  21. scrounger's avatar
    BA? No thanks ...
    PowerClean's avatar
    Odd comment, your alternative?
  22. jase.2's avatar
    Great deal even tho it is with BA but it will be the price of hotels that’s the real issue as way more than it was before Covid 
    Toneluck's avatar
    BA are still a pretty good airline?!
  23. tasman's avatar
    Great price. Shame the hotel I stayed at 4 years ago (and would like to stay again) is now over £300 a night!!
    rambo_or_mark's avatar
    Well said. Choosing the right hotel is the crucial bit.
  24. jon_rankin_1960's avatar
    Got 2 return tickets and a hotel to New Orleans flying premium for a great price, however, the cost to book a seat was a whopping £69 per seat each way (£276), so bear that in mind.
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