British Beef Large Roasting Joint Half Price £5/kg @ Tesco

British Beef Large Roasting Joint Half Price £5/kg @ Tesco

Found 14th Feb
Seen it instore. Can’t see it online but looks like nationwide deal. Hope it helps someone.

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Awesome, I just bought my husband a jerky making kit. Thank you!
Magic. We've been waiting for this to come around. They've taken the £10 price down from the website so I guess this will be up later today or tomorrow. First 'deal' I've voted on for weeks!
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Legs of Lamb should go half price also, its coming up to Easter by supermarket standards, and the beef and lamb usually go half price at the same time
Hot...... roast Beef
Seems a good price, can anyone give any feedback on the quality of this meat?

* yes I know there maybe an incoming barrage of ani gifs and associated smutty pix, by me risking to ask this question, but I am really asking if it is any good? eg: gets really dry like most Tesco joints pre-wrapped
Thar she blows....................................…600
Just had one for dinner tonight. It was lovely! (But would recommend cooking a bit less time than recommended..)
Thanks op!
Always find you get what you pay for sadly, I'd always go for a butcher's joint but I can't always afford it. Having said that if you can fit into a slow cooker and cook really slowly meat will be tender just add a drop of water and a oxo cube
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