British Gas Homecare, 15% Off, existing customers too.

British Gas Homecare, 15% Off, existing customers too.

Found 5th Nov 2008
You can only usually only get this offer as a new subscriber, however I get a discount through my employer and looked into it (use the link)

Initially they said I would not be able to have the 15% discount applied because it's for new customers only, but once I told them I would cancel and change to the similar Scottish hydro service they put me through to another department where the 15% discount was given.

The link is for an MOD affiliate program but they do not ask for any employment details when negotiating the discount. I beleive they do similar discounts for other public sector workers so use your imagination people!

0845 607 1748 for the homecare team
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I should point out that this discount is only valid for 12 months however on the lower tier service, it will save you around £40 to £50 per year depending on the make and model of your boiler.
Hi link just takes you to main British Gas site. I signed up for this about 1 month ago would they discount my price?

Could you fix link please
Dont worry too much about the link, just give them a ring. Any yes, if your an existing customer you should be able to get it if you follow my instructions - I've been with them for 3 years and got it.
Shouldnt be cold either as this is a minimum of £40 saved for a 5 minute phone call.
nice one ta:)
Found a link for NHS employees, if you want to go down that route. :-D…spx

Phoned up, they said i could not get it as i was not a new customer, i said cancel then as i can get it cheaper with Scottish Hydro . :whistling:
Worked for me, have now got the 15% discount and a £25 no usage bonus. :w00t:

Cheers for the heads up. :thumbsup:
Nice one!
I cancelled my cover last month. I got a call to try to turn me around and got offered NOTHING as an incentive to stay!?

So I might resubscribe through Quidco £50 link but don't think I could try to haggle in this 15% discount until my first year is up?
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