British Gas Homecare Offers from £7 monthly + £40 Quidco

British Gas Homecare Offers from £7 monthly + £40 Quidco

Found 27th Aug 2009
Memories of last winter - so many posts asking for help as their boiler has broken down

Now is the best time to get sorted

British Gas have Homecare Offers on now - as we get near winter - dont suppose they will be available so we end up paying mega bucks for repairs
Various levels of cover are available starting with a basic boiler repair at £7
£10 monthly includes an annual service

with Quidco cashback paying out £40 -now is the time to get organised
Why wait until its Winter
Read t & c carefully so you know whats covered


Seems hot to me.

I assume that these cover labour only, not parts, and will be dependant upon an initial survey or similar?

I used to have their cover. They gauranteed to fix your boiler within 24/48 hrs of reporting it unfortunately they didn't actually have anyone manning the phones..........Days and days I spent ringing them only to get the enganged tone. I tried going via the main switchboard, same result. Only time you could get through is when they went home for the evening. They are probably better now but I'd never use them.

(BTW - I'm not voting this cold or anything - just thought I'd give some feedback)

PS switch your heating on now for a couple of minutes. The sediment collects at the pump over the summer so when you come to switch it on in the Autunm the pump blows. Switching it on every month for a few minutes will help prevent this (so I was told by a plumber). Also if anything is wrong with your boiler you'll get it fixed far quicker now than you will in the Autunm when everyone else discovers their boiler isn't working.....

they were good for us and covered parts and labour on a 12 year old boiler but they did do an initial survey - we were just lucky that it was having a good day when they turned up to survey it - lol

we've got a new boiler now so have cancelled the cover anwyay but they kept us going for 2 extra years on the old one!

Wouldn't touch any British Gas offer with a barge pole.

Personally I've had bad experiences with them.

BBC's Watchdog have featured them more than once with regard to over pricing, appalling customer service & their horrendous Homecare service.

I don't believe any of the energy suppliers are perfect, but BG are head & shoulders above everybody else.

Try googling "british gas poor service" & you'll be spoilt for choice. Here's a couple to get you started:…ece…tml

Wouldnt use british gas ever as when I had my boiler and central heating installed, they left me with a gas leak which nearly killed my dog!! Then they spent thousands trying to find the fault. In the end they shook their heads in despair and reinstalled a new system. This has since packed in and I had another company re-install a new one....never again!!

Utter *******s!

Came to "fix" the boiler which was not broken on their routine anual check up and left the bloody thing leaking for OVER A MONTH!

After inumerous calls they did not have the parts and therefore could not be bothered to come and fix the mess that they did.

Thames water sent me a bill of £700.00 because of that.

I would recommend them to my worst enemy!

Must admit we have the full service with British Gas for a number of years, electrics, plumbing etc and have always found them excellent. Pricey but saves the hassle of trying to get a plumber, electrician when you need them the most

I used to work in a call centre where I occasionally worked on the Homecare lines, I have to say in theory it does sound like a good deal unfortunately it would seem that it never goes to plan!!!

When all is taken into account its cold I am afraid!

A lot of bad reviews, but maybe because they have a large customer base?

I used to have Homeserve cover, which was good while we had it until they tried to rip me off getting me to repair something that wasn't broken otherwise they'd cancel my policy.

It's the same with all insurance-based companies - great if you don't claim, a pain when you do.

Check your house insurance, i got emergency cover on my Co-Op policy for free this year, i think they normally charge about £30 extra for it,
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