British Music Experience -- FREE PASS WITH THE O2 MAGAZINE TIL 5thMar2010
British Music Experience -- FREE PASS WITH THE O2 MAGAZINE TIL 5thMar2010

British Music Experience -- FREE PASS WITH THE O2 MAGAZINE TIL 5thMar2010

This is for anyone interested in going to the British Music Experience over the next two weeks -- with every copy of the O2 magazine (the one distributed free in the arena itself) there is a free pass voucher, until 5th March 2010, in the current issue.

So -- if you want to see this exhibit/interactive show, then NOW is the time cos its FREE. Just pick up the magazine at any drop-box in the arena, rip out the voucher page, and hand it into the box office for an entry ticket. Job Done.

Previously i was using the National Rail 2 for 1 deal to get a £1 pass to see the British Music experience. I myself found this out as i walked through the arena after the movies, and used 5 vouchers immediately to save a fiver on the 2 for 1 deal i was about to pay. Someone in line behind me paid for a family ticket for £40 before i had time to mention the deal -- felt bad about that, so now putting it out there for anyone who can make use of it.

Similarly -- note that if you are greenwich resident you can get £1 entry til the 5th(or 7th) March also. YOu just show a utility or bill from the area to prove you live there.

Now -- this expo is not everyones cup of tea, but it is quite interesting for a look-see even if you are not a fan of british pop (for example - if you just want to have a go on a drumkit)

If you are at the O2 for other reasons (a show, the movies, or just bars or restaurant) - then just pop in for an hour or less for free and check it out. No cost, and risk free.

Its quite impressive in terms of the collection of rock and pop props amassed -- Brian May's Red Special for example, or the Spice Girls original costumes. Its ideal for kids - they love it.

First attempt at posting (or near enough to it) so please be kind. Havent seen it posted elsewhere, but can appreciate that not everyone will be interested in the deal or want to add heat. I dont care about the heat, Enjoy!

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