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Littleover Clear Wildflower Pure Organic Honey 340g - £4.20 @ Sainsbury's

£4.20£630% off
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Pure Organic 'Wildflower' Honey


All of our honey is cold extracted, cold filtered and unblended to protect the natural proteins and enzymes in this premium honey.
Our hives are carefully sited in organic registered 'wild flower' meadows during the spring and summer months. This is to ensure that our bees are in the best possible positions to gather their organic harvest of pollen and nectar to produce the perfect natural honey.

Cheapest I could find per 340g, most local bee's on facebook want £5-6, so bit better for those who wants to only buy 3-4
Sainsbury's More details at Sainsbury's

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    Produce of EC & Non EC countries.... Usually means mostly Chinese honey


    The picture on the jar shows it's EU only organic but I went to Sainsbury's last week to check and it said EU and non EU on it (edited)
    Yes, I absolutely agree- I checked this about 4 days ago. We now buy Greek honey - which is only from Greece, not even rest of the EU or local Cornish honey from the local farm shop.

    A couple of reviewers have mentioned it.

    49258146-T4K0Y.jpg (edited)
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    And if it’s come from outside the EU chances are that it’s been adulterated with sugar syrup, ie not honey.

    Honey is a classic case of you get what you pay for I’m afraid.
    Yep indeed 75p per 340g for real honey that most supermarkets sell seems laugable.

    I haven't read much about SET honey most are bit more pricey at £1.50 per 340G, can real honey with 30% sugar added set like that or can we be assured set honey is real?
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    Buy honey from local beekeepers. It's a bit more expensive but the quality and taste is amazing and you're supporting local businesses and wildlife (edited)
    supporting this company supports derby and derbies wildlife but saves you £1.80 a jar and petrol to a farmers market.
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    Best to buy locally (though not easy to find depending on where you live). Plus I remember reading, local honey is great for people that suffer from allergies
    Most towns will have a farmers market at some point or Google local farm shops. That’s what I’ve been doing for years to find local honey to alleviate my hay fever.
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    Do all the bees sign a legally binding contract whereby they restrict their collecting to organically grown sources? How do you control foraging bees?

    The local honey myths. Good Sunday morning humour.
    Lol, indeed

    Again might be talking crap but don't most bee's get there pollen from few miles within the hives so theoretically if the hive was in an area of there own fields where they do control it.

    plus its other things like how its treated after captured, most store bought it boiled to kill stuff which loses lot of the benefits.
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    No disrespect but anyone who is buying this and thinking it's either real or actually of any quality is an idiot. Corporate sourced honey can indeed be cheaper as they'll be able to source it for a cheaper price, usually because they're dealing with large scale bee keeping or are permanent/long term buyers securing financials and in turn will get it cheaper and mark it up.

    Individual bee keepers are obviously going to charge more for the sake that they're processing it and buying the materials themselves as well as upkeep and time spent on the hives.

    That being said. Getting "honey" for less than a quid on any scale should tell you that the product you may be getting is either drastically inferior or isn't quite what they're claiming it to be. There is a reason countries are changing the labelling to make it more clear what you're actually getting.

    That being said mass produced honey has been studied and in some cases imported honey has been found to contain added sugars, primarily from China. In fact there are Chinese companies that even advertise their sugar mixes with the claims that they'll pass test inspections.

    Anyway, everyone is their own person and people can make their own choices. Either research where and what is in your honey or don't. Personally buying locally has never been an issue. Most bee keepers love what they do and are quite happy to show you the process if they have the time. I've seen it being harvested and processed and packaged. I'll trust indiviuals over any large scale corp any day.
    This isn't cheap honey is marginally cheaper then independents charge, and this is infact because there a small company not ''corporate sourced'
    Sainsbury's take on small company products and have for years.

    in your world there is a point in time where a company hits a threshold of profit inwhich they automatically turn to shady dealings which is.

    In the case of gigantic staple brands then yes this sort of thing has to be done because customer buy the product suspecting a specific taste in which won't be possibile without ruining the product most of the time unfortunatly.

    Bit like how tetley tea always taste the same but if you went to the fields and pulled any leafs and made it would taste diffrent.
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    I thought this honey was produced at a local apiary based in Derby,East Midlands.
    It is my friend.

    The jars in sainsbury's suggested it non-eu honey.

    as I said my BEST guest its likely due to a cost implication to be classified this, in which I have reached out to the company for comment.
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    This is standard price, it's £4.20 when not on offer. How is this a deal?
    it isn't, its hot uk deals not hot uk discounts.
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    Fake honey
    so is the one from your farmers market at this rate.
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    Honey is 99% sugar and water and very low levels of other stuff. It’s a bit like pink/Himalayan salt, yes it might have extra minerals and such in but you’d give yourself a heart attack trying to eat enough of it to get decent amounts. If you are eating honey even if directly out of the hive for the vitamin content or anything like that, you’ll be better off literally eating any other portion of fruit and vegetable to get far more significant quantities. There is no significant evidence suggesting local honey helps with allergies either sorry

    Buy local honey if you can afford to, enjoy the taste and to help support local businesses.
    Another spanner in the works.

    Good point