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50% off Commute memberships at British Cycling
TODAYTODAYPosted 5th AugPosted 5th Aug
A pretty good deal with it usually £39 - 50% off makes it £19.50. T&Cs: Offer valid for new members only Offer ends at 23:59 Friday 7 August 2020 Upgraded memberships will… Read more
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Nice find and first deal @golfgolfgolf - cheers for sharing :)


The Commute membership only covers your for commuting/utility - if you ride for exercise of leisure, have a look at the Ride membership (discount still works on that, just capped)


yep, same here


Even tried a different email address, and it still picked me up as a past member.


Ride membership worked for me - £21.15 after the DD discount. Thanks

British Cycling Commuter eBook - free
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Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
British Cycling Commuter eBook - free
Lots of new people are cycle commuting, and I'm sure many could do with some advice. I'm a cycling instructor, and this eBook touches on everything I would consider important (choo… Read more

Chose your weapon a 2tonne car capable of travelling 100+ mph or a 10kg bike which can travel about 30mph and more typically 10-15mph. Deaths caused by cycling are rare ie single digit figures over multiple years, when they do happen the world explodes ( as you mention Allison ), but deaths by car are common and frequently and thrown under the rug and ignored by the media. We have become almost complacent to the fact cars ( people ) take so many lives its all basically now normal. Nothing I stated is inaccurate, feel free to state any point I made and I will happily pass a tonne of evidence to back up my point. The consequences of breaking the law in a car are an order of magnitude worse than someone on a bike, in terms of damage to property and other human life.


I don’t normally dive with my bike. I tend to just ride it! I already hold proficiency in the way of a driving license. Just because I’m on two wheels why should this be any different than four? We need to move away from cars! ycles and hopefully soon e-scooters will revolutionise transport.


This is full of inaccuracies - there are good drivers and poor drivers, great cyclists and awful worst a cyclist kills someone through their actions, as has been seen with high profile incidents including Allison or whatever the idiot with no brakes was called in London. "Cars" don't kill anyone either, only the people who drive them do. The reason some car drivers get angry at cyclists is law of the jungle - the expectation is that a car is more powerful than a bike, and annoyance that cars (both fuel and the vehicle itself) are taxed heavily and are therefore more "deserving" than bikes. The obverse is also true, some cyclists get angry at pretty much everything... pedestrians, other cyclists, buses etc. Some drivers break the law and some don't, some cyclists break the law and some don't, I'd say the most obvious one being red light jumping. This is all true because cyclists and drivers are all members of the human race, no one has a monopoly on virtue (y)


Personally I think cyclists should be limited to cycling in no more than groups of 4, most problems solved involving inconsiderate idiots cycling as if no one else exists and stopping everyone from overtaking. I'm a cyclist myself before anyone accuses me of bias (y)


Thanks, very useful!

Rejoin British Cycling (you need your membership no from £39) includeS SIS bundle (worth £50). Also 3 months free for NHS workers
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th MayLocalLocal
Rejoin applies to all categories from Commute £39 Includes Sis bundle Unfortunately, I can't find a direct link to the deal. You need an email from them. Unfortunately my link i… Read more

What do you get from being a member?


Promo Code: SISMAY20


They have a chat line ask them, even then it seems to be variable at branches what they do. They dont generally let you stck offers, so I got a discounted bike that they were also offering tradin on so they wouldnt give me Brit Cycling as well but you get 5% from quidco.


Does anybody know whether 10% Halfords discount can be used for buying a bike through Cycle 2 Work scheme?


It doesn't apply anyway to fan membership

British Cycling : 3 Month Commute Membership Free For All NHS Workers
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Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
British Cycling : 3 Month Commute Membership Free For All NHS Workers
To recognise the fantastic work of the NHS during these times and say thank you, British Cycling with our principal partner HSBC UK are pleased to offer a three-month British Cycli… Read more

"Cycling UK 3 months' free membership for health and social care workers; We're here to support your cycle to work with free third-party liability insurance, legal assistance through our Cycling UK Incident Line, retail discounts and Cycle magazine." (y)


Yet again only for Nhs staff, the rest of us dont matter.




Thank you OP


today was a good day!

£50 SIS bundle free with British Cycling Membership (£24) @ British Cycling
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Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
£50 SIS bundle free with British Cycling Membership (£24) @ British Cycling
The lowest membership fee is £37 introduce a friend and you both get £50 of SIS gear If member referral use code SISJ20RF and you both get £50 bundle If your happy to pay by DD y… Read more

I don't see a £37 membership on the site? Am I missing something? The DD offer on the 'Ride' membership is £38.70


knocked off my bike in late 2018, a tad over 6 months later i had the cheque in the bank via BC legal assist, most of that time was spent by the other parties insurance company trying to get intouch with their insured as he ignored all attempts to contact him & requests by post for him to contact his insurers ( think it took threats of policy cancellation & removal of his mobility vehicle entitlement because of this before he finally contacted them - still denied he was at fault but insurers believed the police report more than him so paid up ) but main reason i got the BC card was the 10% Halfords discount ( it used to be 10% off ANY purchase in a halfords store, now been tightened down to any BIKE related purchase which is fair enough really ) had around £700 discount in the 1st year with the membership as i let any family or friends who were purchasing anything from halfords use the discount ( tool kits, sat navs, bikes etc so soon totted up ) but only about £550 in discount in the years since they began tightening up the discount to bike related only purchases ( still managed a few non bike related discounts in the early months of the revised discount as not all stores had told the staff not to apply the discount on other purchases ) just renewed this week too & this years membership for £41 spent will most likely see over £260 discount on my next purchase alone ( more if i make other purchases too ) if all goes to plan as i feel the need for another leccy bike so erm, pays for itself in notime with the discount for me, the legal assist & at fault accident cover for my work commute is an added bonus for me :D


Errr just riding your bike to work qualifies as long as you might have been thinking about one day doing an event. So it covers pretty much most eventualities. It's still cheaper than BC with better cover. Plus the solicitors with bc I've used have been shocking. A collision in early 2018 with fault admitted immediately- still waiting for a resolution. Not actually used BTF cover but to be fair it can't be worse. It just can't.


Just to clarify, the personal accident cover with British Triathlon is.... ....only when training in Britain towards a triathlon goal, racing in Britain at a British Triathlon Permitted Event, and racing abroad** only at ETU or ITU Championships* i.e not useful for the vast majority of us!!


£50! They are having a laugh. Barely worth £20 for the bundle

British Cycling Black Friday Membership Deal
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Posted 30th Nov 2019Posted 30th Nov 2019
British Cycling Black Friday Membership Deal
Get a free set of tyres (Conti Grand Sport Race) and a free Big Bobble Hat when you join on a gold membership (code BLKGOLD) or become a Race Silver, Ride or Commute member and r… Read more

Frustrating thing is I give up so much time to volunteer you'd think you'd get some sort of discount but I get stuffed for silver and a licence each year to the tune of £100!


Yeah I didn’t consider that as I don’t have any accreditations - they have you over a barrel (fierce)


Trouble is if I start a new account I'll lose my breeze bike leader, assistant comm, welfare officer and velodrome accreditation. Damn you BC!!!!


yeah i've been looking to renew and the promo codes section just doesn't appear if you've been a member before. regardless the codes are showing out of date when added now too. MEMFRND still seems to work on "new" accounts though to take £10 off


Yeah been trying to do it on mine as mine is up for renewal but can't seem to add it. Must only be for new customers

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Free SiS bundle worth £49 when you become a British Cycling Ride member for £41 (£36.90 if paying by Direct Debit)
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Posted 22nd Jul 2019Posted 22nd Jul 2019
Free SiS bundle worth £49 when you become a British Cycling Ride member for £41 (£36.90 if paying by Direct Debit)
By becoming a British Cycling Ride member for £41 a year, you’ll not only get liability insurance, legal support, and exclusive retails discounts, you’ll also get a Science in Spor… Read more

Alternatively, you can get Ride membership for £17 if you're an HSBC customer... Or not, as shown in the comments ;) Fan membership is free.


23.59 on 31 July - I’ll update now with the expiry date


Some bad cyclists out there but outnumbered by bad drivers, it’s a UK thing


Is that an example of the meathead left handed blinker?


British Cycling - Fan Membership - £10 off any membership
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Posted 27th Mar 2019Posted 27th Mar 2019
British Cycling - Fan Membership - £10 off any membership
Just renewed my membership and they sent me the generic voucher for £10 off in your first year. To get £10 off any membership enter the code: MEMFRND offer available only to new-jo… Read more

Used the code, paid, today I get emailed that this is a referral code and in order to be used they ask me for the member's membership ID to confirm the referral.


It's worth knowing that Fan Membership (and Race Bronze) do NOT include liability insurance or legal cover - which is why many of us take out a membership with British Cycling or Cycling UK. That makes Fan Membership a bit pointless to me so I've taken out Commute Membership instead. Paying by direct debit makes it £33 and i'll probably use the free service (worth £30) at Cycle republic (though I'll give them on of my kids bikes, mine goes to a local place that I know n trust!) and I might use the 30% off a See.Sense light - if I use both then the benefits i use are worth more than I paid and I've got liability insurance in case I cause an accident and legal cover in case someone hits me. Now if I only had medical cover - the only cycling accident I've had was when my back wheel went from under me a few weeks ago and I lost three teeth!


Hi, I signed up using this code and whilst it initially worked, they have now emailed asking for the membership ID of the person who referred me. So just a warning to anyone thinking of using it. Does anyone have a membership number they'd be happy to share with me, so that they get the referral? Thanks.


Does bronze membership give u discounts in stores, as it’s free for me as I have never signed up or do I have to pay for a membership to get


If you cycle then yes. Ride membership if you take part in sportives, etc., Commute membership if you don't.

Free British cycling membership for youths, 50% off adults benefits inc 10% off at Halfords etc & liability insurance *read post
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Posted 22nd Feb 2019Posted 22nd Feb 2019
Free British cycling membership for youths, 50% off adults benefits inc 10% off at Halfords etc & liability insurance *read post
So the main thing with this offer is you need to be a member of a club. If you are just doing it for the perks and you have a child then you can do this 100% free. Like many othe… Read more

100% of motor vehicle accidents involve a motor vehicle.


1% of accidents involving a motor vehicle involve a driver running a red light. That's about 100 deaths per year (mostly pedestrians and other vulnerable road users) caused by running red lights. Coincidentally, 1% of accidents involving a cyclist also involve a cyclist running a red light. That's about 1 death every 200 years. It'll probably be the cyclist getting themself killed.


Just wondering, do you see it happen a lot in America when you're out and about?


...or maybe humans suck at keeping rules in general? A certain percentage of people will avoid keeping the law as far as they can get away with it without getting penalized: People slipping through the red lights, skipping indication, parking illegally, reckless passing, etc. - without making a distinction of the vehicle used, because it doesn't matter and shouldn't matter. Just as an experiment, start counting who brakes laws on the road for a week, make note of every single violation and see what vehicle type wins out by the end of it? (Not using the cycle lane is not one of them.) It's easy to set up a self-perpetuating cycle of confirmation bias and a false feeling of ownership of the road, but best course of action is to trust every user without going into false assumptions.


I was going to reply to you but i dont have the time to write a response, apart from this one which in hindsight would've been just long enough to type out my real reply instead of my explanation for not doing so. Oh well you live and learn.

British Cycling membership discount - some free - see post for details
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Posted 25th Jul 2018Posted 25th Jul 2018
British Cycling membership discount - some free - see post for details
I have had a couple of PMs recently following a post I commented on reference member benefits in British Cycling. For those that are not aware by using the code NEWCMRA new member… Read more

getting an error message when setting up the direct debit, anyone else having this issue?


Any, so even Bronze.


Which membership plan will give me Halfords discount? Starting a new job on Monday and first thing i want is get bike to work plan as it will just 4 miles now.


Asks for your credit card details to start a direct debit at the end


You can’t sod the bikes, the money goes to British Cycling :/

Join British Cycling as a fan member £22 or £19.80 by direct debit
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Posted 25th Feb 2017Posted 25th Feb 2017
Join British Cycling as a fan member £22 or £19.80 by direct debit
Get the benefits. With a discount of £2.20 (in the first year only) if paying by direct debit. This is the cheapest way if you are not a member of an affiliated club

Especially before big races....


So does the "Fan membership" - used it quite a few times .


Hasn't it always been this price ? But for the uninitiated gives you 10% off at Halfords and Chain Reaction Cycling (CRC) plus other offers - so worth it if you are looking to buy a new bike . OP for future reference - Put all the details in your "Deal" don't expect others to always add the details .


And a discount of bike insurance, I think, it's not very clear to me. May be better value. 10% off at Halfords applies to Fan membership also


The bronze membership at 23 quid entitles you to 10% off at Halfords and Chain Reaction Cycles .Worth it in some instances.

British Cycling membership, free tool (worth £19.99 with code TOOL16) with £21 membership
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Posted 26th Apr 2016Posted 26th Apr 2016
British Cycling membership, free tool (worth £19.99 with code TOOL16) with £21 membership
There are other membership levels which include liability insurance. Use TOOL16 at checkout. 10% off paying direct debit. Gives 10% off at halfrauds and chain reaction too with mem… Read more



had an email from them today saying the offer ends Monday


Email their membership team and ask? I paid a little more to get 3rd party liability cover for my Dad.


Yesterday it did show the tool. Today it doesn't. I'm at the payment screen with code applied but no confirmation I'm going to get the tool. Not sure I want the membership without the freebie.


There is no free tool mentioned anywhere on the site even after putting in the code so I don't understand this deal. The membership is good for discount but as I said there's no free tool

British Cycling Union Membership Free for Cyclists who are Affiliated Club Members.
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Posted 17th Feb 2016Posted 17th Feb 2016
British Cycling Union Membership Free for Cyclists who are Affiliated Club Members.
A benefit of your club's affiliation is that club members can get up to £20 off membership when they join British Cycling for the first time. How it works Simply use the promotio… Read more

No response from chapeau for me yet


Note that you dont get the liability insurance with thecfeee (bronze) membership. That should be removed from the description


also joined thanks


And me, although I doubt they do a race to the pub to make use of my provisional race licence!


Same here. Thanks posters.

British Cycling free lights with subscription
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Posted 20th Sep 2015Posted 20th Sep 2015
British Cycling free lights with subscription
Join British Cycling before 30 September/2015 and receive set of USB lights worth £44.99. Electron POD USB lights offer fantastic performance and are fully USB rechargeable (micro … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Membership includes: * Liability insurance and legal support (see conditions) for your daily cycling. * Exclusive 10% off cycling holidays with Sports Tours International. * 10% off purchases at Halfords and Chain Reaction Cycles.


I just received a "your lights are on the way" email. Thanks OP.


10% discount at halfords


If you are going to spend £200 or more at Halfords or Chain reaction in a year then fan membership pays for itself. You get liability insurance included but you might have that with your business (if self employed) or with other bike insurance you may have. Partner & I buy a bike a year - we try not to but can't help it so saved many hundreds before and bits and bobs from Halfords & CRC make it worth it for us.


~I dont see the point in the membership, what does it really give you ? , doesn't cover bike insurance. Only benefit is the lights.. if you get them.

British Cycling Members and official Fans save 10% off at Halfords on everything including sale items (Some minor exclusions and obviously membership required - see thread)
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Posted 25th Apr 2015Posted 25th Apr 2015
British Cycling Members and official Fans save 10% off at Halfords on everything including sale items (Some minor exclusions and obviously membership required - see thread)
Perhaps a timely reminder for those that don't already know. British Cycling Members and official Fans save 10% at Halfords stores nationwide. Members and official Fans of Britis… Read more

Has anyone been able to use any discount with the Cycle2work scheme at all? It says on the T&C's that you cant use the British Cycling discount when doing Cycle2work.


I thought you get get a bigger discount via another scheme. Is it Honda? Can't remember the exact club but sure it was a car one.


Good point. I did exactly the same, my employer supports the 10% discounted Gift Card.


Reminder of this thread


Think you need "£21 membership required" in the title

Free 60 day trial of Strava Premium for British Cycling Members (normally 30 days)
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Posted 20th Mar 2015Posted 20th Mar 2015
Free 60 day trial of Strava Premium for British Cycling Members (normally 30 days)
British Cycling has teamed up with Strava to offer you 60 days of Strava Premium for free. Connecting, motivating and inspiring athletes, Strava has become part of the cycling rit… Read more

btw this doesn#t require any "proof" of membership....just tried it


Lol, if only. It's an app to measure speed, distance etc. etc. on your favourite smartphone. Also works with other devices like Garmin etc so routes recorded on these other devices can be uploaded into Strava. Strava also has a 'social' side in that you can 'follow' people to share your activities whether it be running or cycling and share routes etc. Anyway, you've probably nodded off now 8).


Know nothing bout cycling but it's free and in the hope it could be Czech lager I want some. Probably turn out to be leg wax or crotch cream

British Cycling Membership - Third Party Insurance and other benefits for £24 (potentially less with £10 Cashback and 10% DD Discount £11.60)
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Posted 26th Jun 2012Posted 26th Jun 2012
British Cycling Membership - Third Party Insurance and other benefits for £24 (potentially less with £10 Cashback and 10% DD Discount £11.60)
As a bike commuter who likes to go fast, I've always wondered what I'd do when I inevitably hit someones car, property or indeed person. So was looking for some form of insurance. … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

If your car survived then that sounds like an argument for carbon-fibre bike frames! I often drive around with 3 bikes on the roof (mine and the kids) and after a couple of near misses on French motorways (some tolls have a height limit barrier, some don't!) I have wondered what the result would be. I met a guy who did drive into a multi-storey with bikes on the roof and pretty much wrote-off his car.


How about I laugh at what I find funny and you do the same???


hi you can use the code TForL12 to get 50% of membership- doubt the quidco will still work but thats only 10.80 with dd discount.


I am doing the cycle2work scheme at halfords next week, could I use this 10% discount with that? If so, it'll save me around £50 on a boardman!


Use TForL12 as mentioned previously:

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