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Free Sky Movie worth £5.99 from British Gas Rewards
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Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Free Sky Movie worth £5.99 from British Gas Rewards. Do not need to have Sky. First 25,000 vouchers available
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Thanks OP


Not in my wallet, offering us wine instead. Will pass.


Hi everyone , hope your all doing well if anyone has a spare code please can you message me , would be extremely appreciated. Thanks.


Hi does anyone have a spare code thats not wanted please?


Thanks for the reply Kelsey. Looks like I’ve missed it. Interesting,that they don’t notify members of these offers! An earlier respondent, to your deal, offered to donate a code, if we pm’ed them. I do not know how to do this. Can anyone please advise me? Many thanks in advance.

Free electricity days @ British Gas Rewards (Selected customers)
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Just logged into my British Gas rewards and got this offer, worth checking yours too!

Checked mine and it was applied, will check all future ones though just in case!


Same I thought it got applied will also call up


I will check mine, I just assumed it got applied!


anyone checked their bill to see if they got this @b34rd ? My bill showed no discount and had to ring up and now apparently will be applied to my next bill.


What is?

Free Sky Store voucher worth £5.99 from British Gas Rewards
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Just looked on my account and had the reward sitting there waiting to be collected. Perfect timing for me!

Heat from me! Just checked my account and got it :)


Actually you made me log back in.... It's playable still. Strange as around a year after purchase I logged in as I fancied watching bridge of spies for some reason and there were errors. Good to know really. Yeah sky is oddly quite lame for that. Usually the standard HD or remastered copies. I guess quality doesn't bother me much as I'm one of those who would spend 15 hours downloading a 250mb cinema "cam" back in the day on a 56k modem and then have no choice but to appreciate being able to see it (somewhat) (lol)


I didn’t know Sky Store purchases expired! I’ll have to check the ones I have! Thanks for the info! I prefer buying discs myself, although I get 4k ones these days, which you can’t even get in sky store for most films.


I tend to credit the £5 vouchers to my Sky Store account and spend them when I see a deal. There may be an expiry in the small print somewhere, but I've had credit on my account constantly for years. I've also experienced them sending me £5 vouchers with each physical DVD, which can be a bonus, especially when I've bought £free DVDs to begin with.


Cant find anything worthwhile to spend vouchers on?

Number of days of free electricity via British Gas Rewards
31/12/2020Expires on 31/12/2020Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Number of days of free electricity via British Gas Rewards
Got via the BG app but no doubt on the website too! Could be worth doing with all being stuck at home

20 for me


Let me know when you are ready to live stream.


Not really just find yourself a creative electrician or buy an old 60's flat - not that i know anything about anything dodgy of course! ;)


I'm sure that is something you rarely hear, even with your highland games skills.



35% off Hive via British Gas Rewards (includes TRV/Cameras etc)
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Posted 16th MarPosted 16th MarLocalLocal
35% off Hive via British Gas Rewards (includes TRV/Cameras etc)
You have to be a British Gas customer with access to My Rewards. This Offer excludes Welcome Home Plan, Hive Hub 360, Hive Active Heating & Hive View Indoor & Outdoor… Read more

Hi. Does anyone have a code need to buy some tvrs. Please pm me. Cash incentive :)


2 questions. Does this apply to multizone purchase when booking an install? And, does anyone have a code they're not using they could send me?


working OK for me


Thanks. I just got a code and placed my ordet


I went to claim my code and it is no longer showing ;( I only have the 35% off selected products reward showing. Hopefully they'll have the 50% off hive active back at some point.

2 Days Free Electricity via British Gas Rewards (Select Customers)
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Posted 9th MarPosted 9th Mar
2 Days Free Electricity via British Gas Rewards (Select Customers)
Just logged onto rewards and saw this, may be something that's been there for a while but I just joined with their recent good rates and sure there will be others out there! Only 2… Read more
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I think he`s smoking it lol.


The vast majority who can use this deal would save hundreds (not a few £) by switching to a cheaper tariff with another supplier (choose one with good feedback, there are loads). This is a gimmick - take 10 minutes and do a full market comparison folks (e.g. the MSE Cheap Energy Club includes every provider, not just the ones that pay the platform the most commission, and makes it easy to filter out any more risky small firms, and pays you £25 cashback) and stop putting money down the grid. Prices on 1 year fixes have fallen drastically over the last few months, so even those who did all this switched to a new cheap fix when their last one ended can likely still save hundreds. We switched in Oct 19 to the cheapest 1 year fix with a mid-size company with good feedback, and then last week found we could save a further £200 by switching again! The switch process is so easy and hassle-free, all we needed to do was submit a meter reading. The savings involved are staggering for what little time it takes to switch.


I also have a referral code for an extra £50 bill credit. Give me a PM if interested, not appropriate to fire it here in the comments


Or you could switch to a renewable energy provider who are far, far cheaper than British Gas. There are loads, with Bulb and Octopus being the best. Here is the full range below: Bulb Octopus Pure Planet Co-operative Energy Tonik Energy Bristol Energy Ecotricity Foxglove Energy Good Energy Green Energy UK Green Star Energy iSupplyEnergy Octopus Energy People's Energy So Energy Symbio Yorkshire Energy


err. huh? 1) I don't have a 'contract' with Octopus. I'm free to leave at any time. 2) british gas electricity = 13.5p/kwh with a 18p standing charge, and that's on contract with exit fees. Octopus agile I average 5-7p/kwh, basically half the price. 3) british gas gas = 2.494p/kwh + 15p/day standing charge, again locked into contract. Octopus Tracker v1 I pay 2.3p/kwh. There's literally no scenario here that british gas works out cheaper, unless they give me free electricity for 6 months in a year.

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Hive active heating for £161.85 British Gas rewards customers - 35% Off Hive Heating
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Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Hive active heating for £161.85 British Gas rewards customers - 35% Off Hive Heating
If your a rewards customer for British Gas then you can get hive active heating discounted to £161.55 (installed by BG), previously £199 through rewards. Further discount If you ha… Read more
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Anyone with a code??


Any info on installing it?


I think you can but you don’t have the functionality of controlling your heating using your mobile phone etc. It just acts like a normal thermostat


Anyone knows if you can you use thermostat without hive hub?


Thanks OP. Hive plus hub being fitted next Tuesday 18th.

50% off all Hive products for British Gas Customers (invite only)
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Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
50% off all Hive products for British Gas Customers (invite only)
British Gas Rewards are providing a 50% discount code for use on the entire Hive website Hive Radiator valve sell price £54 deal price £27 Hive View Outdoor Camera £179 deal pr… Read more

I have a Phillips hue hub, take it the hive lights would work with it? Cheers


Thanks mate I tried using it unfortunately doesnt work on the hive hub setup


Hi Shahnoor if you have any codes left please can I have one thanks


Code on image for whoever gets it first (y) 🏻


Can anyone PM me a code please.

Free sky store voucher from British Gas rewards
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Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
Free sky store voucher from British Gas rewards
Log onto the British Gas app, go to rewards and there should be a sky store voucher available. May be account specific. 60000 available
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It's on mine but site give tech errors. Any one got a number to call about my account I'm losing the will to live on the live chat.


Thanks got £5.99 credit for a movie


Oh, and PM me for a £50 bill credit :)


Or switch to Bulb Energy who are FAR cheaper and greener. Save the money to begin with


Thank you, I hadn't heard of this offer. Many thanks

20 FREE days of daytime electricity @ British Gas Rewards
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Posted 12th Dec 2019Posted 12th Dec 2019
20 FREE days of daytime electricity @ British Gas Rewards
To thank you for being a customer we're giving you 20 days of free daytime electricity, over a year. We’ll use the average daily electricity usage between 9am – 5pm and take the c… Read more
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How does it work does it show as credit on meter after accepting the offer?


Well, it wad deleted.


I didn't delete it the mods did


2 free days for every year you've been with them.


i checked, i can't see it in my rewards

Free 8 days of electricity for loyal British Gas customers
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Posted 11th Dec 2019Posted 11th Dec 2019
Free 8 days of electricity for loyal British Gas customers
Just updated British Gas app on my Android phone and immediately new offers appeared that I didn't have before. 8 free days of daytime electricity.

Great, will try.... Thanks


Contact British Gas and explain what happened. They should sort it out for you.


i got 10 full days + 2 day time ... but i was stupidlly click "leave the programme/rewards" , when i rejoined...nothing over there...>_< what can i do?


I got 4 days


Got 12 days. Also, bg is the 2nd cheapest where I live

Hive 50% off - British Gas Rewards
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Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
Account specific so probably limited but 50% off, I even called Hive asking for a refund on the 7 GU10 bulbs I bought, cheque is enroute.

Can someone send me a code please


Anyone have a code?


What did u do exactly to get it to work mate ?


I might take another look at them. I had the following issues: 1) Batteries running out within 4 days 2) TRV's repeatedely calibrating even though they had already successfully previously calibrated 3) Some TRV's not registering the scheduled temp change for over 2.5 hours (one never changed at all) 4) Some TRV's taking well in excess of 5-25 minutes to open the valve after detecting the scheduled temp change (up to an hour in some cases) I love the idea as I work from home and would like to zone off rooms so they are only heated in the afternoon when the family are back home rather than heating them all day but I spent so long troubleshooting, reading forum posts and on support chats/phone calls that I was no longer had time to work.


Honestly no idea. I ordered them and installed them and they’ve worked fine since. They were a bit fiddly to set up, but once you get your head round Hive’s slightly counter intuitive method, you’re good to go. I’ve just ordered 2 more (so only paid for one) to go on our remaining 2 radiators.

Hive Heating including installation + FREE Echo dot (3rd Gen) - £124.50 (or £10.37/month) via British Gas Rewards
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Posted 3rd Dec 2019Posted 3rd Dec 2019
Hive Heating including installation + FREE Echo dot (3rd Gen) - £124.50 (or £10.37/month) via British Gas Rewards
So, bear with me on this: Have seen people talk about Hive offers via British Gas rewards - however this wasn’t showing up when I log in. I called them up to ask if they have a… Read more

Yeah that is strange. But you do have a healthy discount, unlike me! I would wait for the sales if I could, but my controller us broken and need it urgently.


He said no had to cancel and reorder, no partial refund, weird right . So just cancelled. Boxing day sales with self install is the option I'll go with. It was £109 self install on black friday.


£124 is a bloody good deal. I didnt have the codes for this. Can you not just get device sent and do self install?


Yeah I'm going to cancel too. I think they all will be pushed further back to summer. £124.50 was bargain, but I can't be bothered waiting that long.


Well, I initially paid £199 including installation, through british gas. They said I should cancel order and reorder. However Screwfix are selling it at the cheapest rate. So cancelled BG and ordered through screwfix. You'll still get support through local hero as its ran by BG.

Free VUE cinema ticket via British Gas Rewards
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Posted 8th Nov 2019Posted 8th Nov 2019
Free VUE cinema ticket via British Gas Rewards
Free ticket code to redeem via rewards with British Gas customers only. Offer valid until 31 Dec or until all vouchers have been snapped up.

Me either I don't see the deal either.


Very good actually, well worth a viewing


Move to BG lol... (y)


Ha, who (poo) in your coffee? The truth is that was true, but they are currently the cheapest on comparison sites, with 'free' breakdown cover (£99 excess) I've just changed to them for that deal as it was the cheapest on compare the market by far. Have a look, switch, and you can get this 'free' cinema ticket and save a couple of quid on your energy while your at it.


If anyone not going to use a ticket I would greatly appreciate one

Non-heating hive products Half Price for Rewards Customers @ British Gas (account specific)
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Posted 4th Nov 2019Posted 4th Nov 2019
Non-heating hive products Half Price for Rewards Customers @ British Gas (account specific)
Just a heads up, from tomorrow Tuesday 5th November all non-heating hive products will be half price for British Gas Rewards Customers! The picture is from an internal communicati… Read more
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No need to drain the system. The app takes you through the steps and they’re also videos on the hive site for install, one of which will determine if you need the fitting adapter. Just unscrew the current TRV, replace and add via the app. dont put them on radiators where your thermostat is. I find them useful so I’m not heating upstairs rooms when I don’t need to. Just watch out for heating on demand as when that’s set it may put the thermostat temp higher than its set temp, again all explained on the hive site although hive cust service can adjust the max temp for your heating on demand as I got them to chance mines


Can I ask about the valve installation... I assume the system needs drainage and that the valves come with 10/12mm fittings? Also there appears to be a lot of very negative reviews on amazon... Are they valid especially if you have these already installed?


Hi does anyone have a spare code?


I called them today about not receiving a code on my reward and I was told they are not giving out any more codes if any one can help me get 10 rad Thermostats I would be grateful


Is this still running? And does anyone have a code? Thanks!

10 Free days of electricity via British gas rewards app - taken from next bill (account specific)
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Posted 16th Oct 2019Posted 16th Oct 2019
10 Free days of electricity via British gas rewards app - taken from next bill (account specific)
Claim reward via app for 10 free days of electricity taken from next bill. Simple but effective.
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The offer finally appeared for me a few days ago, received an email. 10 days of usage deducted from my next bill. Been a customer since June and cheapest of the big six for me, pay via quarterly DD therefore only pay for what I use which means I never overpay and end up with the company owing me money.


Cheers op just checked mine got this and a 2 day one as well


For those on benefits who took advantage of Scottish Power or British gas deals this year you may also be able to get warm Home discount. Possibly one good thing Theresa May a achieved with her cap?



Do you have someone who looks after you?

Rewards members - Hive Active Heating with installation + a free Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - £124.50 @ British Gas
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Posted 11th Oct 2019Posted 11th Oct 2019
Rewards members - Hive Active Heating with installation + a free Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - £124.50 @ British Gas
Hive active heating thermostat and hub with 3rd amazon echo dot with professional installation through British Gas rewards need to be a member of British gas rewards £99.50 if you… Read more
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Has anyone got a code i can have please?


I'm really annoyed with them. Rewards wasn't working for me all through November. Spoke to customer services 3 times who told me they were fixing it, escalating it, and promised if the offer expired before it was working again, I would not miss out. Rewards now magically works again, the offer is not there, and they're now saying sorry, better luck next time.


Can anyone confirm if this is still available? If anyone can still get a code and isn’t using it could you PM me one please?


It's vanished from the rewards site and British Gas said they removed it due to limited availability

Free Vue cinema ticket voucher with British Gas Rewards App
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Posted 7th Oct 2019Posted 7th Oct 2019
Free Vue cinema ticket voucher with British Gas Rewards App
I logged into my British gas account in the app and saw that British gas are giving away free Vue cinema tickets. All you have to do is click on the claim button. It seems this off… Read more

Not showing on mine. Still heated.


Anyone had any trouble using the voucher


Just logged onto the app and got it (y)


T&Cs says it can't be used with it. Shame!


Free Vue Cinema Voucher - British Gas Rewards
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Posted 2nd Sep 2019Posted 2nd Sep 2019
Free Vue Cinema Voucher - British Gas Rewards
Spotted in my rewards account today, 95,000 free Vue Cinema tickets, should be available to all reward customers. *edit* doesn’t appear to be for all customers.
Get deal*Get deal*

1 per account I believe and they have 95,000 to give or something.


How many vouchers do they issue?? Kindest regards


Heh :D never been with Scottish Power then?


TBF I can't remember having to call a gas/electricity suppliers customer service? Everything seems to be always working ok?


Try Avro Energy better customer service & no exit fees. I tried three comparison sites & BG came nowhere near the most competitive in my area but even if they were would avoid Centrica group like the plague. Might have shares in them though as shareholders come first, customers last. Switchcraft only seem to stick with dual fuel tarrifs which is not always the cheapest way to buy fuel.

British Gas Rewards - Free £5.99 Sky Store voucher (Account specific)
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Posted 20th Aug 2019Posted 20th Aug 2019
British Gas Rewards - Free £5.99 Sky Store voucher (Account specific)
They may not be the cheapest for everyone and you can find plenty of horror stories about all of the big energy companies etc etc etc... but anyone who is already with BG and signe… Read more

Switched to BG this week. Got the offer on my rewards. Decent! Seeing once upon a time in Hollywood this weekend with the Mrs.


Haha Haha, pressed the redeem button and it just took me back to the main rewards page. Tried another couple of times with the same result. Got 3 emails a few minutes later each with a unique code. It's moved to my redeemed section now. Will wait a few days before redeeming them all.


Do a proper comparison though they aren’t necessarily the cheapest out there.


Anyone know any films that you can get the dvd of for £5.99?