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British Gas serves 12 million homes across the UK, hooking them up to safe, reliable gas supplies for central heating and cooking. The company also offers a wide range of support services and equipment, and these can always be found at big discounts by checking out the British Gas HotUKDeals listings. Read more

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5 days free electricity for British Gas customers @ British Gas Rewards
Found 5th NovFound 5th Nov
I know this keeps coming and going but they’re now giving a few days free for Christmas when you register for the offer



You need to log into your BG account and it should be under the Rewards section


How do i get it theres no form on the link?


Heritage, thoroughbred, quality, reliability, complacency in jumping ship to another, and ... Similar/same reasons as to why people still stick with BT too I reckon?, hehehehe. Despite cheaper 'alternatives' to BT also existing out there, etc, lol.


I'm not 100% sure as to who that was for, to be honest?. But what the hell, your welcome too anyway, hehehehe. ;-)

Hive Active Heating £124.50 plus a free Amazon Echo Dot - British Gas Rewards
Found 26th OctFound 26th Oct
British Gas customers only Get 50% off Hive Active Heating We're giving all Rewards members the biggest discount ever on Hive Active Heating. A whopping 50% off Hive Active He… Read more
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Nope, it just changes the basket to £124.50 when adding the code


Can I buy the Hive, but have it fitted at my parents house, Also they have a hot water cylinder, does the Hive work with that system?


I notice on the new Amazon post that there are separate Hive thermostat products for with/without hot water. I don’t think there was an option to say which version you wanted when ordering this one through British Gas - does the engineer just fit whichever one is appropriate? We have a separate hot water tank.


Had mine installed yesterday. Told the engineer to leave the new Hub as i already had one. He also said that if you have homecare, they cover the hub also so I dont need the new one as a spare, I can sell it if i wanted to.


They shouldn’t take it away. I got asked and said no Sky do similar with their boxes. It’s your property

2 days free electricity (dependant on time with them) @ British Gas Rewards
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
This is a reward with British Gas. You Get more days for every year you are with them up to 20 days. I only got 2. The link is the terms and conditions . You must be signed up to B… Read more
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Last years offer was the best, free electric on a Saturday. Washer on, garden cut shed heating on. it save us loads.


Obviously a very small sweetener before the Fat Cats at British Gas put prices up for the umpteenth time this year and of course increasing their bonuses too


In my area british gas is the cheapest according to uswitch..and I also get 6 days free daytime electricity


what do you mean, you are unable to switch or that they are cheapest?


Not a gimmick if u r with British Gas

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British Gas Homecare 4 £32pm 12mths - £384 (£19.75pm after cashback / £237)
Found 7th OctFound 7th Oct
I know BG homecare deals get very cold votes on HUKD but Iam taking a risk here and posting this. I know you can self insure, save the money...etc but I prefer peace of mind. Basi… Read more

Ok, as I’ve said before I have used them for my boiler service etc and the service was fine. If you don’t want to trust them, don’t use them. Simples! (y)


The real test will be when you need to call them for a breakdown. I doubt their service will be even worth the £74


They just emailed it me, didn’t do anything (embarrassed)


£221 on their site, how did you get this price please?


Touch wood, they’ve always been good over the years for me. Def had my monies worth. And it’s good piece of mind too. I’d recommend.

Free Hive Leak Sensor for British Gas Homecare customers
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
Just had an email from British Gas offering me a free Hive Leak Sensor for being a Homecare customer. Had a look on the Hive website and it seems to normally cost £3.99 a month? H… Read more
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I received this unexpectedly through the post yesterday and fitted it as per instructions with no problems at all. I don’t have any payed subscription and it seems to work fine. Sent me a notification after the family had showered etc this morning You perhaps need a payed account to receive text notifications as my notification was via email and the app. Might be work chatting with the Hive team.


Does anyone know how to add this sensor without an active subscription? I'm unable to add the device through the Hive app without a Hive Leak Alert plan.


I found this URL but it doesn't even recognise my homecare account number :-(


Can I use this with with "Plumbing and Draining Cover" or do I have to take Homecare Cover?


So do these work through the Hive app without the subscription? I've not got this offer but wondering if I can get it cheaper off eBay and it'll still work or not.

Free £10 Amazon voucher for British Gas customers who AREN'T on "Rewards" yet **Pls DO NOT offer / request referrals**
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Get referred by an existing British Gas rewards member and you (and they) get a £10 Amazon card. Joining British Gas Rewards is free. I know we're not allowed to post referral cod… Read more

Old junk ready for the bin. Get a smart meter, you have the choice then.


Anything for Scottish gas?


Better to opt for bulb and get 50 pounds joining reward through referral


I'm on rewards but only thing I seem to benefit from is the odd competition entry that I never win it's pretty pointless to me !


They are only ones to do prepaid meters so i have to stick with them

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British gas home cover 4  £20.50 per month plus free £50 amazon voucher and £75 cash back from quidco
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
Great deal when you go through quidco and get your £75 cash back and Also British gas offering a free £50 amazon gift card. Level 4 cover is for boiler and central heating plus ele… Read more

I did my last service with a local professional based on online reviews. It can be hit or miss but I got a well-mannered and helpful guy who didn’t try to rip me off.


That’s why I haven’t taken it out in my current boiler. However, I think I need it serviced. But have no clue who I should go with.




They dont


Where do i get it for 50p a month???

Hive heating free install free amazon echo dot £124.50 at British Gas rewards **NO REFERRAL CODES OR OFFERS**
Refreshed 12th OctRefreshed 12th Oct30/11/2018Expires on 30/11/2018
As above check your rewards page Hive Active Heating offer terms and conditions 1. This offer is available to British Gas Rewards members to redeem from 24th September 2018 un… Read more
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Anyone have any spare codes for this still? 🙏 (:I


Does anyone have a spare code? Please and thank you!


If any one have a spare code please pm me. Thanks in advance


I’m still waiting mate so good luck haha


I could do with a code please as I’m not a bg customer, I was debating signing up for home care then cancelling it

British Gas- Unlimited energy for fixed price
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
British Gas- Unlimited energy for fixed price Here are some of the features of our new Unlimited tariff: 1. Price locked from the day you switch until 30th November 2019 2.Fixe… Read more
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Yep glad i got this. Just sat here with heating on full pelt and my tumble dryer on the go, getting my moneys worth id say ;)


You know what, I don't know is why this is being voted cold because for myself I've switched to this deal at £1200 pear year for u limited usage. The next best comparison for myself is e-on which is £1102 per year which is cheaper than British gas but I know I've got the piece of mind that I won't be paying any more than £1200 with British gas and at £98 more for the year I couldn't care less I've got 2 kids so I am now happy that I will keep them warm through the winter and have the washer and dryer on everyday for their clothes without looking at the smart meter all the time worrying about what I've spent for that day! For me know think it's a great deal!!!


Had an email from them today about this and my answer is NO Deal


Cool post (highfive)


Sounds like a great idea but in reality it looks like a scam. From what I read it is this: We'll charge you for more than you normally use and call it "unlimited". If you use less than you've paid us for then all is good. If you use more than you've paid us for then we'll switch you to another tariff where we can charge you extra. If you realise that "unlimited" actually means nothing of the sort, we'll charge you £60 to get out of the unfair contract. I'm so glad our government sold off our services. After all, who else could we rely on to rip us off and make obscene profits without any real comeback? Gas/Electricity = rising bills when wholesale prices go up, rising prices when wholesale prices go down. Taking advantage of the old and the vulnerable (and the busy) who don't know how (or have time) to switch every few months by gouging them with stupidly high prices. Putting in "free" smart meters that don't work when you switch but EVERY customer actually pays for by an increase in bills. Water - constantly put the price up because they need to fix the infrastructure. Make billions by only fixing a small amount of the leaks and then paying a few million in fines. Put in water meters to help save water because there isn't enough (because they didn't fix the leaks). Use the water meters to charge people more for their water. Trains - get a massive subsidy from the government (that's our money, btw) and move most of it into profits. Put the fares up by the maximum they are allowed every year. Put on fewer trains so people who pay for a seat have to stand. Fail to update the infrastructure properly. Start to see their profits fall, drop the contract. Get the government (again, that's OUR money) to pay for massive upgrades to the system so they can profit off it. "Improve" the timetable by cancelling most of the trains while still charging everyone. The contempt they have for their customers is incredible - or at least, it's only credible because they are allowed to do it by those who we elect to represent us. You know, the guys and gals who ensure that kids who stole a bottle of water during the London riots went to prison. The ones who stole millions by claiming false expenses. Yeah, the ones who felt the answer to that was to apologise and then give themselves a massive pay rise. The ones who all went to prison for stealing all those millions. Oh, wait...

Hive fitted included free echo dot £179 British Gas (via on site engineer)
LocalLocalFound 12th SepFound 12th Sep
Thought it was a great deal. £179 hive fitted by a British Gas engineer including a free amazon echo dot which is £50 on its own so a bargain in my eyes! For British Gas customers… Read more

I got the deal a couple of months back without the dot included. Good price, engineers turned up on time and were excellent. It took them an initial visit and an extra full day to fit due to confusing wiring on an old boiler but they persisted until it was done.


I just got it today £179.99 fitted said Amazon echo dot would come in post with welcome pack


TIP: British Gas engineers have the discretion to fit a Hive for £179 (instead of £249) if you have a faulty control and opt for a Hive instead of the repair, the current offer is a free Echo Dot. The easiest way is to call in and report your room stat as not accurate and when the engineer arrived they should offer a hive instead of a repair, if they don't just mention it. We are unable to test a room stats accuracy and have to accept your word for it, say it heats the room then goes off and never comes back on or that the room goes up to 28c when the stat is set to 21c. Trust me, as an BG engineer, we are targeted for hive sales and are up in front of our manager if we don't sell enough, the engineer who calls will be chuffed you want a Hive and will have no hesitation offering you one. We are not meant to offer them at £179 unless there is a faulty control, the OP was probably offered this price by an engineer trying to keep their job and has been "on the mat" for lack of sales! Most managers turn a blind eye to us selling them for £179 anyway because they are also targeted on their teams sales figures. Your engineer will also receive £10 incentive for the sales plus productivity enhancements, not a lot but it all helps out.


Because of the flexibility, most digital programmers only have 3 on and offs per day. This you can set 6 on and offs per day, then set it for when you are on holiday, you can choose where you locate the thermostat as it's portable, you have the option to control it using Alexa or via the app, you can boost the heating to a desired temperature for up to 6 hours and the last thing is using Geolocation it can turn your heating on ready for when you get home in the winter or turn it off when you leave the house. Then you can add other things like light bulbs, sockets etc. to expand its usefulness. Personally I fitted my own and it's the best thing I have bought in years as it is so flexible.


I've had this a few times. Complaint via resolver and you get free compo. I've so far had a free hive bulb set... Free boiler servicing and about 120 quid compo since moving to BG last year. (lol)

Free boiler quote commercial @ British Gas
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
Seems a good deal to get a free quote and the finance option

£2400 was with hive and system filter she also gets 5yr warranty part and labour no call out charge


British Gas === Rip off. Guide price for top range boiler installation around £2000 all inclusive, may be less in the North.


New boiler £1000 to buy yourself. Good local plumber, £500 to fit, not bad shift if it's a like for like boiler.


My mum and dad go quoted £8000 off British Gas for a while new system. Got it done for £3000 in the end by a local company


Should be £1600 Ish

Hive heating + Free hive plug for 19:99 for 10 months include installation by British Gas for BG customers
Found 25th AugFound 25th Aug
Hive heating + Free hive plug for 19:99 for 10 months include installation by British Gas for BG customers

Decent product really gas and electric are different to any other company hope you are joking. New boilers more expensive than anyone else. Service policies expensive and poor service oh yeah, decent products.


You will own the unit and no further payments


Decent product they have thats why


The smart money would be to buy a Hive for ~£100 and install it yourself which a majority of people would be able to do with little problem as there are only a few wires to connect. I went from that monstrosity of 2 units to just a Hive without issue so it can't be that tricky.


No more payments and the Hive belongs to you

Claim your new Loyalty Days - British Gas
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
Enjoy Loyalty Days Get free daytime electricity between 9am - 5pm Offer ends 31/07/2019 See T&Cs online

Seems like I have accumulated 6 loyalty days now - nowhere is clear how those are applied.


ta (y)


Put up some Solar PV panels on your roof = free electricity everyday, AND you get paid for exporting Win Win :D :D


Same(annoyed) (annoyed) (annoyed)


sorry your comment is wrong. It should read 'how much have they just jacked the price twice?'

Free Gas Key
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
British Gas are giving away free Gas meter box keys, so you can access your gas meter box for maintenance or readings. Click on the link, fill in your details and submit. I lost mi… Read more

Ask any gas man that works for gas board northern gas networks, wales and west, national grid etc i work for one of them and have a box of them in van always give them out free


Didn’t have a key. It was quite loose so no biggy.


Lol, can anyone actually confirm they received the item?


Wow, 1000 degrees, I guess I know what everyones doing next Saturday night.


No good to me as I'm not a customer with them

British gas rewards - Ten free Energy days - claim by the 7th July @ British Gas Rewards
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
Ten free energy days with the British gas rewards, but you must claim by the 7th July. Lots of other rewards available.

Are these free days only for people with Smart meters?


Hi, I just wondered whether you might still have your 20% local heroes discount by any chance? My pipe has bust and £800 in I'd be so thankful for a 20% off! :-)


They have standing charges yes . But. They have stonking rates for gas and electricity. Try get a quote at least.. and get any exit fee's paid... And did I mention you and I both earn £50 each..


do they have zero standing charge?


(lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

Free Boiler Cover and Service with British Gas. £20.50pm x 6 months = £123, but £125 back.
Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
British Gas is offering £50 Gift Card and £75 TCB on Homecare Four Its £20.50 per m9nth with no obligation to stay. So given you receive your Gift Card and TCB in 6 months effectiv… Read more
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My point was that it isn't really free though. Yes, if the cashback is paid in 6 months then you can cancel and you make a £2 profit (if everything pays out). ...BUT if you take up the offer of the the annual service or make any call outs and then leave before the 12 month minimum term, you are charged full price for anything you've had (according to the terms and conditions) If you didn't get charged then this would be a smashing find and I'd have snapped it up.


Similar story to everyone else find a local plumber you can trust. I had the good old service when I was with them before then I used someone else who took a good hour to actually service it and even showed me everything British gas had missed was a real eye opener. I wouldn't let them near my boiler if it was free. Just con men up selling stuff.


Sounded fantastic until I read through the comments


Had home care cover for years now and really got my money back several times over. Always have to negotiate prices every year but then again I have to do that with all insurance and phones and internet etc. Would always highly recommend this cover.


Be aware of the old boilers T & C! Good thing I became my own engineer! Circuit board changed- Check Pressure sensor changed -Check Diverter valve changed- Check Paying over the top for simple jobs - FAIL!

50% of attractions and free print at British Gas rewards
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
Just had this offer through for 21 attractions 4 tickets per customer ends 31st July to get your tickets
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Worked. Good deal (+each person get a free online photo)


50% of attractions.... what?


Maybe you should ask an adult about this then you might understand the comment


Don`t use as much simple (nerd)


Its not actually 50% off a ticket for thorpe park is currently £30 on thorpe park website, £24.50 on british gas rewards a massive saving of less than 20% :/

Free Hive leak detector
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Just had an email offering a free leak detector from BG as a reward.

I've just received mine however upon removing the battery tab, mine hasn't switched on. I've pressed and held the button for over 20 seconds as instructed but still no joy. Anybody have this issue?


And I bet mines the cheapest (y)


Ok, so that theory is out the window. I thought the leak detector was for those that didn’t enter


Postman just arrived with my free Leak Sensor (y) (y) . As they now being delivered I bet Ebay will be "flooded" with these being sold on (lol)


Yes - on ours and the MiL's account. Hopefully win two otherwise one of the grandkids is gonna be upset (lol)

Free Pair of Ideal Home Show Tickets For British Gas Customers
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Never got an e-mail from British Gas about this so not sure if it is all reward accounts or just specific. So if you choose to be with British Gas and can get to this then could be… Read more
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Worked for me, thank you


Might be account specific as I do not seem to have anything showing in my account. Heat added for taking the time to post.


Many thanks ncd ! Much appreciated ! :D


Sent you a PM :{


Would love to go but not on British Gas ! :(

British Gas Homecare 4 for £4.92/month after potentially £175 cashback. Without cashback, £19.50/month (British gas energy customer) £20.50/month (non-British gas energy customer)
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
This is Hotukdeals, and this deal is about British Gas Homecare 4. Please keep emotion against British Gas away, let's focus on the hot deal, this is massive saving for fellow Hotu… Read more
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Seen this deal back in december with £75 quidco and £100 MasterCard. Got to wait 90 days before aiming MasterCard and had to.log a claim with quidco. Still "claim processing" since beginning of Jan. Anyone in the same boat with the cash back?


No They don't.. I believe the first thing they do is the free Annual service...


If the boiler has stopped working and I take this policy out, Will they then fix the boiler? Thanks in advance for answers


Misleading update (highfive)


Why cold? Probably because British Gas have such an appalling reputation for looking at your boiler, sticking a condemned notice on it to stop you using it, and then trying to flog you another one for about twice what you'd pay elsewhere! Really - you do not want these engineer/salesmen anywhere near your boiler! (horror)