Britney Spears Singles Collection - Including DVD - £2.99 @HMV

Britney Spears Singles Collection - Including DVD - £2.99 @HMV

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Selling over 63 million albums worldwide, Britney Spears has become one of the world's top selling artists and in celebration of the 10th anniversary of her debut release, this album brings together a selection of Britney's singles so far. Featuring no less than five UK number ones and a slew of Top 40 hits, the album is the perfect showcase for Spears' unique pop talent. The single '3', especially recorded for the album is also included as well bonus DVD featuring all eighteen videos.



Niiiiiiiiiice (_;)

A few songs are missing.
Break The Ice
+ others.

So not such a great singles collection.

She can't sing!! fact, i have proof

Bargain,especially as HMV are selling the CD version of the album for £8.99!


I'VE BRITNEY far more appealing and down to earth since she went off the rails/mental.
she's an inspiration to mad birds everywhere. well done BS

Is this a collection of the single blokes she 'entertained'? Must be quite a collection!

Xtina fan

She can't sing!! fact, i have proof

Typical Floptina fan!! X)

Hit me baby one more time

i used to like her.............. until i saw her foofoo getting out of that car!
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