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Free Sample of Britney Radiance Cosmic perfume
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Posted 23rd Aug 2011Posted 23rd Aug 2011
Free Sample of Britney Radiance Cosmic perfume
Seen this in my emails today, almong all the junk. Says it's a 1.2ml sample so a proper sample, not a rub on square like you get with lacoste samples! Britney spears perfume are … Read more

Thanks think i done it lol :)


Thank you.




Cool, requested one for my wife.


looks nice. will keep somebody happy !

Free Britney Spears Radiance Fragrance Sample @ Britney Spears Perfume
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Posted 9th Mar 2011Posted 9th Mar 2011
Free Britney Spears Radiance Fragrance Sample @ Britney Spears Perfume
nice and easy freebie. Just fill in your details to get a free sample of Britney Spears' perfume. *Radiance 0.04ml EDP sample. Available only to residents of mainland UK. Limit on… Read more

To have a go and see if the fragrance is something you'd want to buy?


0.04ml.. seriously what is the point


Thanks i own a bottle of this and it is absolutely gorgeous! Suprisingly as her others were horrid! have some heat from me :)


FREE New Britney Spears Fragrance Radiance
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Posted 31st Aug 2010Posted 31st Aug 2010
FREE New Britney Spears Fragrance Radiance
Free Sample of New Britney Spears Radiance Fragrance
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thanks :)


I got mine too - a nice little spray vial :)


Mine arrived today, its a vial, and smells nice, yay! :)


many thanks :)



Free Britney Spears Fragrances
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Posted 20th Aug 2009Posted 20th Aug 2009
Free Britney Spears Fragrances
click the 'sign up' link on the website linked and fill in your details. You'll get sent loads of special offers, updates and free goodies.
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thank you! only took my postcode too and theres alot of houses down my street lol!


It wouldn't let me put @ for my email? Therefor couldn't apply


thanks :thumbsup: Ive put in my house number / postcode may work


Anyone got their fragrance yet?


thanks :)

Free Sample of "Curious" - The fragrance by Britney Spears
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Posted 4th Jun 2008Posted 4th Jun 2008
Free Sample of "Curious" - The fragrance by Britney Spears
A very easy sample here for a free Sample of Britney Spears' Fragrance Curious!
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Just ordered one, thanks for the posting


[FONT="Tahoma"][/FONT]Worked great for me. Thanks:)


Hi When i entered my details... I could not send for the perfume as I was repeatedly told that my e-mail addresses did not match, which they did. However after re-juggling a few of my details again. I re-entered and re-submitted and finally my patience awarded because at last i could re-joice. At last I was successful. Lol Ha hee


thanks. Voted Hot


She's too busy in rehab or partying with Hilton to send out samples! :-D

Free Britney Spears Believe Perfume - Postcard
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Posted 26th Feb 2008Posted 26th Feb 2008
Free Britney Spears Believe Perfume - Postcard
Send for a sample of the new Britney Spears Believe perfume, its only a postcard though, but nice to try it Click the green bubble on the right
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Maybe because britney not that cool at the mo. :-(


Yea hot hot its freeeeeeeeeeeee!!


I Don't Know Why This Is Being Voted Cold, It Is A Freebie After All. Voted Hot, Thank You :)

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FREE!!!!!  Bitney Spears perfume sample
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Posted 31st Jul 2007Posted 31st Jul 2007
FREE!!!!! Bitney Spears perfume sample
NO voucher needed like the other POST!!!
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I would stay away in any case.How can you seriously take perfume which is sold in a bottle that resembles a beetroot? :whistling:[image missing]Maybe it is a beetroot


I agree Agreed.I "completed" the form using just the letter "a" in all fields, including zip code. It accepted the form unconditionally.[image missing]Stay clear.


Sent for mine, Thank you. I doubt Britney can even spell her name these days!!!


Thanks, sent for mine.:-D


Thanks, requested mine :thumbsup:

britney spears curios sample
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Posted 15th Jun 2007Posted 15th Jun 2007
britney spears curios sample
this is my first go at this so sorry if i do it wrong fill in you details and get your free sample
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Ive ordered the sample from 3 different websites and havent received any of them


Please keep threads on topic. If you want to start a discussion on Britney Spears herself, please do so but in the Miscellaneous forum :) Thanks.


So why does this mean its a scam? Lots of companies use third party agents to organise promotions for them! I doubt its a email pharming site as they wold have hidden behind more than an extension to their main businesses domain name! Like this other comapnys can also see their work and maybe they will get more custom this way!


I ordered sample, and voted hot, thanks for alerting us about this ilovepink.


This is obviously a scam look at their main website!

Free sample of the new Britney Spears fragrance "Fantasy"
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Posted 27th Feb 2007Posted 27th Feb 2007
Free sample of the new Britney Spears fragrance "Fantasy"
Hi all, apologies if this has been posted already, but couldn't find it listed... Here's a link to a printable voucher for a free sample of the new fragrance in the ever-expanding… Read more

Good find :)


LOL It took a-while, but I got it in the end!!:giggle:


:giggle: :giggle: :giggle:


Thanks for this.


shes bringing out a aftershave soon, :-D

Free sample of Britney Spears perfume
Posted 3rd Oct 2006Posted 3rd Oct 2006
Free sample of Britney Spears perfume
You can get a free sample of Britney Spears perfume 'Curious'. Available to UK residents only, and limited to one per person while stocks last.

Has anyone got theirs yet?


Hi this has already been posted a long time ago

FREE sample of Curious Britney Spears Fragrance
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Posted 8th Sep 2006Posted 8th Sep 2006
FREE sample of Curious Britney Spears Fragrance
Your free sample Ever tried a magical love potion? Want to be enchanted by a fragrance? To get your FREE sample of curious BRITNEY SPEARS simply fill in your details below. Avail… Read more
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Got mine today, thanks for the post :thumbsup:

thanks received mine today great little spray bottle and yes my daughter also likes mine


thanks for that update IceQueenClone :thumbsup:


I had mine through, and it is a small spray bottle, not a card, and it is quite a lovely scent too, although my dauther used it all!! grrrrrr you should get about 4 lots of wear out of the bottle depending how much you spray, so nice lil freebie!


good one, thanks for voted hot, but cant leave you anymore rep atm :P