Britvic 55 Sparkling Orange 55% Juice (4x275ml) £1@Lidl

Britvic 55 Sparkling Orange 55% Juice (4x275ml) £[email protected]

Found 22nd Oct 2010Made hot 22nd Oct 2010
£3.45 any 2 FOR £5.00 at Tesco
£3.45 at Ocado
£3.67 at Asda


That's very cheap!

I usually buy ours in Makro at 24 bottles for around a tenner, but this is an amazing 25p each!

Smokin Deal.

Excellent price

Takes me back to the 80's:D

Good price though!

with the £12 1Litre smirnoff at Asda and this i might open my own pub!

Nice find, off to Lidl I trot.....

My word ...this is smoking! Is it 5 the limit in Lidl?

Just been to my local lidl in Newcastle . None in there, asked an assistant and got a puzzled look, and then she said " I think we had some, but not now " No mention of the price though. On the up side though I got some pork chops at £2.49 instead of £3.49 for 4, huge as well

none in winton, or bournemouth. had a long drive to find that out
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None at Attleborough either. Staff puzzled when asked about them.

None in Bradford or Halifax

None in Inverness:(

Dunnno where the OP has found this, it hasnt been advertised and im not aware of any stores in north east stocking this at this price.

Original Poster

I found them in Enfield Town, the shelf was loaded with them.

great price, will get some in for xmas non alchos (_;)

any in leeds anyone? before i go to be disapointed

None in Reading, staff didn't know anything about it.

none in clacton-on-sea... hunted everywhere

None in Stafford when asked staff they look puzzled
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