Broadband and UK weekend calls now just £5 a month - 18 month contract
 Broadband and UK weekend calls now just £5 a month -  18 month contract

Broadband and UK weekend calls now just £5 a month - 18 month contract

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I received the following email from BT a few days ago offering broadband and UK weekend calls for £5 per month. I didn't do anything about it at the time, but called the 0800 328 6737 today and they guy said the offer was still on. The offer is not restricted to people who have received the email and that it was open to anyone who called on that number and quoted that they wanted the deal at £4.99. I initially called it the £5 deal, but he corrected me. It seems a good deal and the guy said that that there is no known closing date for the offer.

There is also a £5 delivery charge for the router.

Fancy saving yourself £150 against our normal prices?
Here's an offer that could do just that. Move your home phone calls back to BT and we' ll give you our broadband and UK weekend calls package for the extraordinary price of just £5 a month. This includes;

• An award-winning BT Home Hub wireless router (worth £91.90) included to give you a wireless connection unbeaten amongst other broadband providers.

• Great value with unlimited UK* weekend calls plus calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers.

Why wait? Sign up now and save £150
(This offer is only available by phone).

It' s all yours for £5 a month (plus your standard line rental) when you sign up for an 18 month contract – a saving of over £150 compared with our standard price of an 18 month minimum term. And, you can cut your line rental cost to the equivalent of just £10 a month when you pay 12 months' line rental up front with our Line Rental Saver.

Terms and Conditions:

*Means calls of up to an hour to numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03, excluding the Channel Islands. Other exclusions apply.

1. Available by invitation only to new BT Total Broadband customers signing up for 18 months and paying BT line rental – see note 6. £14.50 a month from month 19. Includes BT Total Broadband Option 1 and the Unlimited Weekend Plan. BT Home Hub optional – P&P charge of £5 applies. Offer discount of £150 on standard bundle price of £7.50 per month for first three months; £14.50 monthly thereafter. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer and may be changed or withdrawn at any time. Subject to availability. Exclusions, terms and conditions apply.

2. Speed: New network currently available to 55% of UK households, increasing to 75% by Spring 2011. Speeds referred to are download speeds. Other factors affecting speed include distance from the exchange and internal home wiring. Please visit bt.com/20Mb to see what speed we can provide on your line. If your line won' t support up to 20Mb, we' ll offer our best speed available.

3. BT Home Hub included. (£5p&p). Excludes customers BT has already provided with this Hub. Available from the BT Shop at £91.90.

4. When using wireless (wi-fi) enabled equipment, our Home Hub, which uses 'N' technology, gives a wi-fi connection unbeaten by other UK broadband providers. Optimum performance requires 'N' enabled equipment and range can vary according to home environment.

5. Weekend inclusive 0845 and 0870 calls of up to 60 minutes' duration (excluding indirect access numbers and dial-up internet access). Fair Use Policy applies – maximum 1,000 minutes or 150 calls a month. If either of these limits on inclusive calls is exceeded, BT will charge for these calls until further notice.

6. Line Rental Saver: Available to BT Calling Plan customers paying £120 for 12 months in advance by debit or credit card – equivalent to £10 a month. Any additional charges to be paid by Direct Debit with e-billing (previous discount for the latter will no longer apply). At least two BT calls must be made per month or six BT calls per quarter to avoid a monthly charge of £1.50 or a quarterly charge of £4.50 being added to your bill. Advance payment is non-refundable. Exclusions and conditions apply. Standard line rental: Currently £13.60 a month with Direct Debit. Connection charge may apply if a new BT line is required.

7. Caller Display: BT Calling Plan customers making at least two chargeable or inclusive calls (excludes BT Broadband Talk calls) on the BT analogue network every month can opt in to receive Caller Display at no extra cost. Otherwise, you will be charged £2.70 a month. Subject to availability. Caller Display equipment required. Some numbers will not be shown, e.g. from payphones, withheld numbers. Conditions apply. BT Answer: Opt in required. At least two chargeable or inclusive calls (excludes BT Broadband Talk calls) on the BT analogue network must be made each month to avoid a monthly charge of £1 being added to your bill for the service. Deactivation of the 1571 service and deletion of messages occurs after 90 days' mailbox inactivity. Current Enhanced 1571 customers who pay £1.49 for the service including personalised greeting will have their charge reduced to £0 from 1 October 2010. BT Texts: Text enabled handset and compatible line required. Texts will be received as voice automated texts unless you have BT Caller Display. Some calling features affect SMS service. Available to 01, 02 and 03 numbers and UK registered mobiles only. Unused texts cannot be carried forward. Other exclusions, Fair Use Policy and conditions apply.

Calls to 0871 numbers will cost no more than 10.2ppm plus 11.5p set-up fee; calls to 070 no more than 51ppm, with a maximum set-up charge of 51p. See bt.com/per…ing

All prices are correct at the time of email being sent. (December 2010) and include VAT at 20%.


Clause 1 says by invite only... surely they will know who they have sent this out to?
plus £14.50 line rental per month bringing the total up to almost £20 per month
No mention of download allowance, so i assume it will be their basic package at 10GB per month?

I'm going to vote cold, better deal to be had with TalkTalk at the minute in Carphone Warehouse
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Two things to note:
1. BT Total Broadband Option 1 = 10GB monthly usage (useless!).
2. Calls to 0845 and 0870 excluding indirect access numbers (useless!).

Usual BT crap! - thanks I'm staying with TalkTalk.
Not voting either way as this might be a good deal for BT fans.

Line rental on this deal is £13.60, so it's effectively £18.60pm which isn't great considering the 10GB cap on Internet access. Deal rises to £28.10 in month 19.

Not terrible, but hardly great either.

I'm with BT and if anyone uploads large files they should probably stear clear. I'm not sure about other networks but i'm in the North East and my download speed on files is around 400kb/s and my upload speed is 30kb/s.

I have passed this onto my farther in-law as all he does is reads emails and a little surfing so 10gb is ample for him Also he is currently paying £10 a month from orange which I personally think is not very good.
So hot from me.:)

Well I pay Tesco £17.97 a month plus my BT line, so would this be better. I have unlimited internet with Tesco. Is the 10GB everything inc browsing or just downloads. I only ever download a few pictures, but browse for about 5 hours a day.


Two things to note:1. BT Total Broadband Option 1 = 10GB monthly usage … Two things to note:1. BT Total Broadband Option 1 = 10GB monthly usage (useless!).2. Calls to 0845 and 0870 excluding indirect access numbers (useless!).Usual BT crap! - thanks I'm staying with TalkTalk.Not voting either way as this might be a good deal for BT fans.

Why is 10GB useless?


Why is 10GB useless?

because i use more than 10gig a day,
but if you only surf the net and dont use youtube or download anything,or play online games,its ok

statement 4 is funny... like the BT wireless router is faster than anyone else's, it the standard ... so a true statment, it will be "unbeatable" but they make it out to be some special deal.... it's like saying "buy your iphone 4 from Comet it's super fast and unbeatable by any other iphone 4 sold by other retailers" and so on.... lol

my BT contract ends in February....can't wait


Why is 10GB useless?

Because I use more :-)

Depends on if they enforce the 10GB limit. I have been with Orange with a 10GB limit for two years and they don't enforce any restriction on me. I was concerned when I first got it so measured my activity and it was on average several gigs a day. But, like I say they have never done anything.

Orange is still the best deal I can find for me (exchange is not unbundled) at £8 pm plus (BT line rental).
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